Aspiring Author In Need Of A Partner

Hey, Lissiebeth here! You may have seen me on the forums. I’m currently working on my first story, but I would like a partner to write with.

You see, I’m very bad at staying committed to my story. Having a partner would be very beneficial to my overall commitment to my story!

Edit: I’ve found a suitable partner. I’ve actually figured out that I won’t be available AT ALL during the next week period, so I decided to shorten the time to the 13 (which is today) instead of the 15th. Thanks everyone! By the way, this forum can be closed. :slight_smile:

Hey everyone! There’s been a change in the form.

Thank you all for signing the form! I currently have one person in mind, but my opinion could change in a matter of seconds. If you wouldn’t mind, join my Episode server! I post updates there about who I’ll choose, what I’m doing, my schedule, et cetera.

Here’s the invite! Feel free to join whenever you want. All you have to do is enter a username, and you should be set!
Also, make sure to verify your account before you head out. I would hate to see dead accounts! :heart::heart:

Also I’m keeping track of everyone who is signing, so don’t think you’ve been ignored.

Pro Tip: Have a numpad? Great! Hold down the ALT button, then press 3 on the numpad! This combination makes you able to type emoticons. It requires a bit of practice to get it right, but you should master it in no time at all! :slight_smile::slight_smile::heart::diamonds::clubs::spades:•◘○

(ALSO: I’d suggest to type the emojis in a notepad or sticky note in case the buttons send you somewhere. I have been trying to type this for 3 minutes because the keys kept redirecting me!)