Assassin - title ideas needed

I’m writing a story about an assassin. I don’t have a story description yet, but I’m needing title ideas.

Thanks in advance!! :heart::blush:

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I would love to help with a name but I have to know what kind of story it will be

Like a little story line

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Maybe red roses


Kill addict?


dark killer
Shadow Killer/Assasin

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  • the art of the kill
  • like an accident
  • sniped
  • beware the shadows
  • the million dollar man
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You’re an assassin, a little girl hands you all her money, & wants you to kill her abusive dad.

*Fairy Hellmother

  • the million dollar bastard
  • a hero in bloodstains
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I like the title “A hero in bloodstains”. I’ll keep that in mind. :grinning:

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