Assets loading taking too long

Can anyone tell me how to fix this? the assets loading is taking too long, it has been going on for days. I really hope someone can help me

Check and reset your router (sometimes this fixes website load times)

Change browsers and see if it loads quicker.

Clear your website cookies (If you use Chrome, go to settings > privacy & security > Cookies and other site data > scroll down to “see all cookies and site data” > use the search bar to search then clear it) THEN try going to the portal again (you may have to re-sign in) and see if this fixes it.


This was happening with me when I was using chrome
So I started using Firefox and it loads faster.

Maybe try this!

Thank you but I tried all of these, but it didn’t fix

It didn’t fix it too:(

What browser are you using?

Also maybe try with different device and see if it loads faster

I’m using Microsoft edge

Hey, I started using opera and it works now thank you for those who were trying to help me:)