Assets not available to everyone?

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I’m new to writing in Episode and I’ve noticed that some assets aren’t available to use on the characters I’m making even though I’ve seen in other stories (e.g. certain hairstyles & clothing).

Do you have to be like a featured writer or something to access them?

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It’s true that not all the assets shown in episode original stories are available for authors. I don’t think we can do much but wait for the art releases :pleading_face:


Yeah as Amelia said there’s a ton of hair styles and clothing that aren’t released for everyone but we get art released for clothing, animations, sounds, and props every Thursday and the last Thursday of each month is a plus sized release for all of the plus sized beauties. There is also a thread on here that is for people to screenshot outfits or a piece of clothing in episode feature stories to request them for updates.

The link is here:

It’s limelight only because they have already said they aren’t updating ink anymore

And if you do request something make sure it isn’t a gem choice because we aren’t allowed to request those!


Ah I see. Thank you! :pray:t3:

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