Associated with a different platform?

Can someone help me with my problem I try to login with my email to my Episode account but it says it’s associated with a different platform??? Anybody know what that means please and thank you

Chances are you are trying to log into your Episode using a different device. Are you going from Android to iOS or the other way around? If so this is unfortunately not supported. If it is a different issue please let me know. Thanks!

Hello there, I have a similar problem.
I try to login on my iPhone but it says “ “Error try again later” and then I tried to log in on an Android it said that it’s associated with another platform, how can I fix this?

yeah i had an android now i have an iOS

Unfortunately there is nothing to be fixed as Episode does not support cross platform transferring of accounts. My apologies for any inconvenience this might cause.

Oh thanks anyways

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