Assumptions (Game)

How to play: Make assumptions about anyone in this thread. And the person above you tells you if you are right or wrong.
Person 1: @LeahMJ You have a pet
LeahMJ: @Person1 Yes
Person 3 @Person1 You live in the UK
Person 1: @Person3 No
And so on…
(sorry if I tagged anybody)

Plz read:

This game is meant to be fun, do not assume anything offensive or mean

Start by making an assumption about me

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You are funny


@_haruka you like to read

I do indeed, I love reading.
@LeahMJ You like reading thriller/mystery/horror stories on Episode?

Kind of… It depends on my mood

@LeahMJ is a fan of the Giants

@emmazapp has a lot of friends

You love Disney movies

You like chocolate ice cream

You like to draw

You are having a hard time thinking of assumptions to make about me because i am too

Yasss!!! lol
You love winter (as in the season)

That’s kind of hard to answer… i think I like the summer more

Same me too it’s to cold for me
You have a sister

You have a pet

You like dunkin donuts donuts

Actually I’ve never been there
You’re favorite color is blue

Sorry I have to go right now, thanks for playing!!!

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oh sure!! It was fun!

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