Asthetic and Colour Contest♡

:butterfly:Okay so I don’t know how to put this so basically You will pick a number between 0-15 And I will pm you An “Aesthetic” photo with some colours on it that you may use to make an outline the only other colour exceptions that won’t be in the colours you have is black and white. Those will be the only other colours you may use. If you don’t want so much if a challenge I will give you 2 skin tones for you to use! :butterfly:

:butterfly: So basically the rules are :butterfly:
-Use the password to enter #2020
-Dont cheat and use different colours
-You can use other peoples outlines if they give you permission
-Don’t say “Oh well mine was better then theres!” That is decided by me and my online friends who have no idea what I’m doing :joy:

-Just really some shoutouts on my insta/snap or whatever you want.
-This is really Just a game for fun and to practice using limited colours

:heart:I don’t know who to tag so if you come across this post just tag who you think would be suitable or want to do this​:heart: