Astra’s Free Backgrounds

Hi my name is Astra and I make backgrounds and overlays for you guys to use.

I do have an Instagram where I do post the regular updates to my drive and thought why not try on the forums.


Here are the rules for my background and overlay drive:

  • For those that have instagram I would appreciate it if you could follow me on insta (@astra.creates)
  • You must give me credit in your story for using my backgrounds and overlays, the credit must be at the exact moment they are used.
  • You don’t have to tag or give credit to me if my backgrounds appear in screenshots from your story, but I would love to see them in use.
  • My backgrounds may not be used in art scenes, profile pictures, edits, splashes. The only exception is if I made the piece for you, or if you message me asking and then give credit to me for the background/overlay you use.
  • The link for the drive shouldn’t be shared and the overlays or backgrounds should only be uploaded to the episode portal.
    _ The code word to use in the form to fill out is starry eyes
  • If you want to show someone my backgrounds please send them to my forum or Instagram account where they can then get access to them.
  • If your story is bought by episode you must remove my backgrounds.

Here is the link to the form which after answering some questions I will look over and give you access to my drive. This process should take 1-48 hours.

Are you looking for a background but can’t seem to find it on my drive, well my background requests are Closed!


Here are the rules:

  • You must be patient whilst I carry out your request.
    _ You must give credit to me when you use the background.
  • When you go to fill out the form use this word galaxy pie (you will see where to on the form)
    _ You must send me proof of using my background at least within a month of me completing your request.
  • You can’t post any of the backgrounds I make on the forums or any other website.
  • If you have instagram I would appreciate a follow.

Here is the link to my background request form


Here are some examples of my backgrounds and overlays:


You can now find the following backgrounds on my drive:


These new backgrounds are now available on the drive:


What type of backgrounds would you like to see on my drive?

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New backgrounds are now available on my drive

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New background now on my drive

My requests are now open!

Don’t want to request something but would like to see some backgrounds on my drive? Feel free to suggest some for me to make.

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Some more backgrounds are added

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These are now available in my drive

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Can you do a beachy themed?