Astro Art Shop 🪐✨ {OPEN}

Welcome to Astro Art Shop! :ringer_planet::sparkles::black_heart: I offer a good amount of assets for other writers on this platform, and I hope I can help you!

Below, you’ll find multiple sections which include everything you need to know about this shop, as well as giving you the necessary information to request from me!


Are you hiring?

Unfortunately, no, I am not hiring right now. There aren’t enough requests coming through for there to be any more artists as a part of this shop.

If that changes, all the info to be hired and work with me will be in this section of my thread! Keep checking back if you’re interested, or PM me and I’ll make sure to send you a message when I need more artists!

Special Zodiac Game

The Special Zodiac Game :last_quarter_moon_with_face: is kind of like a guessing game with art prizes, made by me.

This is how it works: When I feel like I have an abundance of time to draw, I’ll post on this thread with 4 zodiac choices, alongside simple instructions. Your goal is to guess the one that I have picked by PMing me with your guess. No, it will never be the month’s assigned zodiac!

If two or more people choose the right answer, I’ll put the usernames in an online spinning wheel. Whoever’s username the spinner lands on is the official winner of the game!

The winner’s prize is a digitally drawn art piece from me. Sometimes it’ll be one person, sometimes it’ll be two person. That all depends on my availability!

GAME STATUS: Coming Soon…:see_no_evil:

How Do I Request Something?

If you’re new to the community and have absolutely no clue how to request something, I’m here to help and explain!

It’s quite simple, really. To make it easier to comprehend and less wordy, I’ll put the instructions into step format:

  1. Read through each section and everything posted (Cans & Cants, What’s Open, Forms, and Rules. Looking at Examples is 100% optional, but recommended to get a taste of what the artist(s) can do!)

  2. Determine what you want to request. Once you’ve figured that out, find the appropriate form under the 'Forms" Banner. A form will usually just be a list of things that the artist(s) needs to have note of in order for them to complete what you need from them. This NEEDS to be completed!

  3. Complete the form(s) to its full extent and double check to make sure you’ve filled out the entire thing. If you don’t, your request may be declined, depending on how the shop operates. For an EXAMPLE of a filled out form, browse the thread and take a look at requests from other people. That will help if you’re still somewhat confused.

TIP: Don’t spam a shop, or any thread for that matter, with rude, hateful words, or even literal spam. Seriously, just don’t.

FRIENDLY REMINDER: Do save yourself and the shop administrator(s) from any trouble by just reading the shop rules thoroughly and clearly. When you fail to read them, it’s almost always obvious and quite frankly, very frustrating. They’re there for a reason and usually contain well needed information as a requester.

I can do:

  • Overlays (word/text, and I can draw them depending on what you need!)
  • Cover Art
  • Title Styles
  • Detail Cards
  • Mood Boards
  • Profile Pictures
  • Character Edits
  • Outfits
  • Character Looks
  • Splashes
  • Templates (depending on what you need!)
  • Simple backgrounds

I cannot do:

  • Involved Art Scenes
  • Complex & Specific Backgrounds
  • High Quality Commission Style Drawings (I do try!)
  • Anything NOT mentioned in the “I can do…” section

  • Overlays: OPEN
  • Cover Art: OPEN
  • Title Styles: OPEN
  • Detail Cards OPEN
  • Mood Boards: OPEN
  • Profile Pictures: OPEN
  • Char. Edits: OPEN
  • Outfits: OPEN
  • Character Looks: OPEN
  • Splashes: OPEN
  • Templates: CLOSED :no_entry_sign:
  • Simple backgrounds: OPEN

Note: I don’t have an example for everything! If you don’t see a certain section here, then there aren’t any available examples. I apologize!

Also, some of these are old :sweat_smile:

Cover Art


Title Styles

I can do styles similar to my shop banners as well!

Detail Cards

Mood Boards

Char. Edits & Profile Pics

Outline by @/amepisode!




Simple Backgrounds

These are all examples of my work. Please do not steal or claim as your own, especially since I hand made a lot of this. Again, do not steal my work.

Note: If you don’t see a certain form here, then that offering is either closed, or not available at this shop. I apologize!

  • Any style you’re looking for, INCLUDING COLOR (aesthetic/theme)
  • The words you want
  • Fonts


  • What overlay you’re looking for, and I can try and make it!!
Cover Art
  • Number of characters (no more than 2, please!)
  • Character(s) details
  • Pose (try to include a picture of desired pose)
  • Muses for your characters (if able)
  • Title - Please provide color & font.
  • Background
  • Additional details
  • Do you want a small AND large version?

Note: If you would prefer to place the title on the cover, let me know! I won’t do that for you!

Every requested cover automatically comes with a transparent png of the characters in the cover. See cover art & overlays examples!

Title Styles
  • Any style you’re looking for, INCLUDING COLOR (aesthetic/theme)
  • The title of your story
  • Fonts
Mood Boards
  • Amount of mood boards you’d like
  • The names of your characters
  • Color and theme
  • A photo of your character(s) (Ink or Limelight)
  • 3-6 images you’d like me to use OR describe images you’d prefer me to use.
  • Additional information
Detail Cards
  • Style (Ink or Limelight)
  • Character Details
  • Character Names
  • Outfit
  • Pose (No Custom Poses)
  • Fonts
  • Background
  • Additional Info
Character Edits
  • Style (Ink or Limelight)
  • Character Details
  • Outfit
  • Pose Idea (I’ll try my hardest!)
  • Background
  • Theme (optional)
  • Additional Info
Character Looks
  • Style (Ink or Limelight)
  • Any specific details you want on them
  • Gender (Please specify any AND all!!)
Profile Pictures
  • Style (Ink or Limelight)
  • Character Details
  • Outfit
  • Pose Idea (I’ll try my hardest!)
  • Background
  • Theme (optional)
  • Additional Info

Note: With profile pictures, I usually crop them into the shape of a circle to fit the profile shape. If you do not want me to do that, please tell me! I’m happy to keep it in a square shape!

  • The type of outfit you want (edgy, girly, party…)
  • What gender the outfit is for
  • Which gender the clothing of choice be under
  • Color scheme/aesthetic
  • Font
  • Background (be prepared to have one)
  • What you need it to say
  • Are there any characters on it? If yes, provide details & Style (Ink or Limelight)!
  • Anything I need to know

There isn’t really a form for templates, but…

  • I only code in LIMELIGHT
  • I do not make excessive/lengthy customization templates

When requesting a template, just simply tell me what you need, with specifics (if any). It’s that easy.

Simple Backgrounds
  • What you want (i.e; color, SIMPLE design. Please keep in mind that it MUST be a simple background request!)
  • Anything additional
  • Do you need anything else (that I can make) to match this background? (i.e; overlays, fonts…)

Please know that if you don’t inform me of any specific font(s) or color scheme(s), when asked, I will use my imagination, and you get what you get!

  • Be respectful! I’m willing to do what you request, and it will make both of our experiences better if we treat everyone with respect.

  • Your completed request(s) will be sent to you through PM. It helps me stay organized. You still request through this thread!

  • If I believe I can’t do your request, I have every right to not accept. Although, I will try my best to do anything thrown at me!

  • Please don’t thread hop. If you request from me, then go to another art shop for the same thing, you will be banned from my shop.

  • Patience is key! It takes time to do requests, especially since it’s only me.

  • If you aren’t happy with the result, tell me! I’ll add, fix or delete anything!

  • Let me know if you have a deadline! I’m really not that strict, I promise we can make something work :smile:

  • I can take two requests at a time! If the waiting list is full, you’ll have to wait a bit longer for your request to be complete.

  • If you use my work, it is mandatory to credit me. When doing so, use my instagram, @elliewritess! If you use my art without credit, you will be banned from my shop indefinitely.

  • I have a password that changes every month. If you want to be extra (like me) and use it to let me know you’ve read theses rules, feel free! It’ll make me happy :kissing_smiling_eyes:

LAST WARNING: Don’t thread hop. Credit me. Thank u <3

PASSWORD (optional): Capricorn :capricorn:

1.) @MercadesMia


Hi all! I tagged you because you’ve requested from my previous workshop before, and I wanted to let you know that I’ve successfully moved to a new thread: This one!

I apologize if you didn’t want to be tagged :black_heart:


@julan @Sunset_Shimmer @PrincessAnu @SaturnX


I want to request so much :sob:

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Hi girl! Literally just go for it LOL I’m super free rn!!

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Don’t mind if I do-
I’ll be back soon :heavy_heart_exclamation:

Like eventually-
Lovely examples btw :kissing_cat:

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Awe, thank you love!

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Bump! The examples are amazing!! :star_struck: I will request something really soon. …

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It is okay :blush:

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Hire me!

Examples of my art

I can do-

Except Character cards and overlay (backgrounds) I can do everything!

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2 words Overlay request
  • Any style you’re looking for, INCLUDING COLOR (aesthetic/theme) Color any shade of red
  • The words you want In the meantime and To be continued
  • Font In the style of your first example for title style
Request #2 outro splash
  • Color scheme/aesthetic Surprise me
  • Font Bold cursive
  • Background (be prepared to have one)

  • What you need it to say Follow me on Instagram @ryder_epii for more updates and sneak peeks!
  • Are there any characters on it? If yes, provide details & Style (Ink or Limelight)!
    Whichever one is easier to read

  • Anything I need to know Add your own spin to it please :pleading_face:

Password Aries :aries:

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Hi! If you could please fill out the Google Form I linked in the “Are You Hiring?” section, that would be great!


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When will you add me if selected! I’m really excited to finally work officially!

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You’re now on the waiting list! I’ll get these back to you as fast as time allows :black_heart:

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I have to take a look at the form, and I’ll get back to you through PM as soon as I can!

I need one more person to fill the form :slight_smile:

So sweet! Thank you so much! <3

Bump! :blob_hearts:
Your examples are beautfiul! I also filled out the hiring form, hopefully you’ll hire me. :hugs:

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Thank you!

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Just checking, you do not do custom poses, correct?
I had one in mind, and I could’ve sworn I saw the one I wanted here-

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I do custom poses! Just not for certain requests.

For example, I do them for PFP and Character Edit requests, but not for detail cards. Does that make sense?

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