Atalia's Custom Pose Shop! (OPEN) ♡

Hey! So While I was writing my story and making poses, I realized I wanted to practice more and why not do that while helping people out! I’m not an expert so bare with me…I’ll try my best to for your request! Welcome to my first shop!!


Also when I close I will put it in the title so just in case you were wondering!
I would love to try and do 2 characters or more for a challenge!
But I’m best at one!


My Rules
  1. Please CREDIT ME by my Instagram @epy.atalia! If you don’t credit me I will report you but I will warn you first, just in case you might have forgotten!

  2. Don’t rush me…I’m pretty good with keeping myself on track but I do have a life so I might not finish as fast as you want.

  3. NO THREAD HOPPING…if you ask me to do something and then I see you went and asked someone else the same thing…I will not do yours because I work hard on my work and I don’t want to waste time when I could have been doing some one else request!

  4. You can request as much as times as you want!

  5. NO HATE OR RUDE COMMENTS to others or myself please…cause I will go off.

  6. Not really a rule but I would appreciate if you would follow my Insta @epy.atalia because I have a story coming soon…alright!

  7. Okay you read this far…use this password: Amorae so I know you read the rules!!


Just wanted to say…I halfassed these and I promise you I can do way better than that!!

My examples!

^^ Sorry that one is just ughhh, forgive me.


How many Characters?
Character Details:
Reference photo:
Background (if you want):
Extras (Tattoos, Blushing, gun, I can try to do more…just let me know what you want):

Any questions that you want to personally let me know…PM me or dm me on instagram but I’m more active on Instagram! OKAY ENJOY and ask awayyyyy!!

hey :heart:
do you do limb overlays?

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lol dont mind my werid af request :confounded:

middle finger limb overlay
skin tone: Neutral 03
Extra: Can you put the LL dragon tattoo
(tell me if u need da name :rofl:)
Password: Amorae

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Your fine! I’ll just search for it…also is it a female or male?

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female :woman_facepalming:
oh gawd im stoopid

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Lmao your good and okay i’ll start tomorrow!! :heart:

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no problem :sparkles:

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