Attention all boys

So there is this boy who keeps looking at me in class and is always giving me weird looks. Those looks don’t look mean but more inviting, he keeps asking me how my day was (its always the same answer though) “I’m good and you”? He is always waiting for me at the classroom door. He always bothers me and picks on me sometimes. He constantly askes me am I ok. I’m not gonna lie I kinda maybe have a crush on him, so I told my besti (apparently she had already noticed this stuff) and she said these were signs. She never told me signs of what though. So I want to make a thread for the experts, boys know about boy stuff. IF these are signs then what are they signs of.


Girls can also answer but I focused on boys because they might know more about this stuff

he likes you, ask him if he wanna do something, in a date kind of way

You sure about that cause his exes keep saying back off and he only goes out with white people

They also say that he cheated on then all and lied about it

I just don’t wanna be the next best thing because even my best friend broke up with him too, how am I gonna know fosho

that sound racist. but he could say that to try and sound cool(guys says a lot of stupid stuff to be cool)
he dosent sound like a guy who is good idea to date. adn will propler break your heart.

you could always tell in a sarcastick jokeing voice. that if he wasnet a racist player you would have ask him on a date.

Thebonky problem is I already confronted him like an hour ago, he is actually really nice and some of mine and his friends all say he never did those things, that thy were trying to let him down easily

Then I talked to one of his exes she said she lied because she was he one who cheated on him and covers it up so she wouldn’t look bad


yeah. that suck my ex. now i was told i should not date him. because of rumors his ex who is abusive, told evryone that he cheated on her and a lot of other lies.

i was in relationship with him in two years. he did not even look at another woman.

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Dang, that’s just some liars

I think you might like each other.



jump into and ask if he wanna do something, trust me most guys have no idea to ask a girl out. you dont have to call it a date.

I’ll try not to restate what’s already been said.

It’s possible he does like you he’s been nice etc.

If all the exes are saying negative things about him, that could be a red flag. On the other hand, like you said, someone had already lied, so if they are all teaming up against him that’s extremely toxic behaviour.

However, if it’s true, then don’t overlook their accusations.

But the best way to find out his intentions, is to confront him and ask. Best of luck.

Thanks guys

The guy I’m currently talking to everyone said he went for white chicks and once we had our feelings out and he admitted he liked me he said he leans more to black girls (yeahhhhhhh hi :rofl:) but really he doesn’t mind too much so don’t care what you hears from others too much unless you hear him say something

Thank u, this really helped me soooo much. I’m gonna talk to him tomorrow

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