Attention all Epi Fashion designers (INK). An author needs your help

Hi! Hope you guys are doing well. I need some fashion designers to create outfits for my characters. Basically what you have to do is create outfits and submit here. I need the pictures of the outfits with names. You can have your models wearing them if you want. I want to be honest, I can’t guarantee that all the outfits will be chosen. I can choose all the outfits from the same designer or some outfits from each designer. It will totally dependen on which I liked the most. I will use the outfits throughout my whole story. So I’m gonna need like tons of outfits. Credit will be given, obviously. If you are wondering your outfits will be used in which story, my story name is SHADO. Few may have read my story and loved it. Majority of you may not know about my story or didn’t liked it, which is fine. Anyways, the same request will be in my instagram too. You can enter in both places. I will choose from both places (Ig: @roy_episode)

I want outfits for both men and women. I like simple outfits. Story genre is action. So some comfortable outfits which will be easier to fight when wearing. Gym outfits. There are gang members you can add leather stuffs. Some fancy outfits for occassions like wedding and parties too. One more thing to note, if you decide to make outfit for the main female character, make some tomboy style outfits.

I’m gonna sleep now. Hope to see some lovely outfits in the morning.
If you want more details don’t hesitate to ask me :grin:


Is it Limelight or Ink?


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sorry they aren’t organized.

female outfits

I’ll upload more including male outfits later
@pandafluff.episode on IG if you use them😊

Thank you so much :star_struck: I thought no one was gonna join :pensive:

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you’re welcome. I can make enough outfits for everyone else😂

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which outfits didn’t you like that I sent so that I can get a better understanding of your style😬

I didn’t liked the one with the halter basic and the one with the red zipper crop top. It’s not your fault, you did a good job matching the outfits. I guess don’t like this type of clothing only :sweat:

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ok ill send the others in about an hour

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Sure. Take your time. No problem :blush:

Here are a few more. I’m not a big fan of these male ones but idk if you’d like them so…

some male outfits

Are there any specific gang colors?

I liked it. I may use some.