ATTENTION: Episode New Feature. Does anyone have this?


Please if you are on instagram go check out @PikachuK18 story. Do you have that feature?



What? Can you send a photo of it or something because I don’t think people will go all the way to their story just to see…


Ok one minutee


You can create posts on episode


Oh yeah, some of my friends have that feature. I only think some selected people have it. :sweat: :woman_shrugging:t5:


Will it ever be released?


I think it might. Maybe they are testing it out more




Oh that’s the social feed. I’ve had it for a while now.
They’re slowly rolling it out to everyone so if you don’t have it yet, I’m sure you’ll get it soon :slight_smile:




Here’s the original topic…

@EliseC I don’t know about “soon”… It’s been nearly six months without an official word ahahaha


It seems like every week or two there’s an influx of new people. It’s definitely not limited to certain authors anymore as there are reader-only users who have the feature :blush:. From what I’ve seen on IG, a lot of people got it just this week!


:sob: Wah, I feel so left behind!


Still not is three though :expressionless::confused::cry:


Delete the app then downloading again, that’s what did for the Halloween theme