Instagram - @knk.writes
Genre - Romance
Summary -

Reason -
The Silver Legacy : Golden Crowns is a diverse, and interesting story that tells the story of Aiden, who is a teenager struggling to come to terms with his sexuality and being himself. Which is a story that doesn’t get told much on episode. It’s about Aiden and his life and struggles with lots of drama, comedy and romance aswell.

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Title: Friends Don’t
Author: BrianneM
Genre: Romance
Description: Blake comes home for her mom’s wedding, but is asked to work with her ex-best friend who broke her heart. Will the past repeat itself? Or will she fall for him and not get hurt?
Reasons to check it out: It is not your classic cliche girl-falls-for-best-friend story. It’s got so much more drama, and more emotion. In a way, it is almost a tragic love story. It shows both the male and female perspective on the situation.
Instagram: @briannem.45

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Thank you so much for this! :dizzy:

Here is my story:

Instagram: myepisodees
Genre: Romance (with a lot of drama)
Summary: The second Ruby and Carter’s worlds colliede he turnes her life up side down…
Could he be the risk she craves for? Or will he be her downfall?

Can you provide a just the full picture of the cover?

Can you just provide a full shot of the cover?

I will not reject your story, it will still be promoted. Can you please provide why the reader should read this?

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Hey Whitney I need a full shot of the cover? and I also need your Instagram ?

Thanks for posting

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Thanks for posting.

Can you please provide why the reader should check it out? Thanks :slight_smile:

Can you please provide why the reader should check it out ? and I please post your Instagram . Thanks for posting

Can you please provide why the reader should check it out? Thanks for posting

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My instagram is @ereksonwhitney99

Here you go :two_hearts:

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also I don’t have my cover on the computer

Here’s my story:

Title: Still Strong
Ig: lyra.episode
By: LyraE
Genera: romance
Style: limelight
Description: A successful double-athlete, and a CEO. A former quarterback; now her manager. Their worlds aren’t as different as they thought… Or will they both drown in their own darkness?


Its no problem. Can you please provide why the reader should check it out?

Thanks for posting.


Thanks for posting. Can you please provide why the reader should check it out?

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omg this is going to be a game changer! i’m currently working on a story but it’s not published yet, it would most likely go under the romance or drama genre but when i publish it i’ll be sure to contact you first thing! this is amazing, keep up the good work <3


Hey Everyone!

Thanks for posting to the thread. Please provide a full cover along with the reason why you want the reader to check it out?

Sometimes hearing from the author will does help. If all directions are not followed. I will not be able to add in your story.
Therefore, if I send a message please respond. Thanks :slight_smile:


Thank you for doing this, beautiful. Here’s my story.

Why people should read my story - My story is the journey of an ordinary little girl becoming a fearless (not ruthless/sassy) woman. My story is a combination of both my imagination of overcoming certain situations and my real life experience. The opening fight scene in the story is my real life experience of the MMA training I had. You will see domestic violence, eve teasing, mafia involvement and you will also see my characters coming out of these situations I think is right, being stronger evey single time. Although, it’s a women empowerment story, I suggest everyone to read it irrespective of gender because my story is also about self believe, fighting for what is right, & having faith in themselves. This is somehow partly a story about my own struggle and I decided to tell you about it, because someone never know whom they might be inspiring.