ATTENTION! I need more people for my writing club😊

I decided i want to write with a fellow writer or more! I’m not the best at everything so if i can form a writers club we can all make each others stories the best they can be! my name is Teni, if you want to be part of my writers club just reply and im PM you with my email. P.S i’m pretty new to episode coding im alright but still pretty new so i also don’t have an episode based email. heh.

info i need:
your name.
your email.
and a little summary of your story.

info you need:
2-7 people.
if you have no story that’s fine, that’s why i’m making a team!
if you want to leave the group at any time that’s fine :innocent:
any questions please ask! :smile:

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Name: Tyara(most people call me Ace though)


Okay I’m working on my very first story, it’s called “A Long Way From Home.” And basically it’s about a princess getting sent to a different planet because her home is being attacked. She gets sent away with three other characters(Two princes and another princess🙃) to a place they know nothing about(Earth). During their stay, they have to learn to blend in for the time being while figuring out how to get home to save their people/kingdoms. There will definitely be some romance involved but I’m still making a few tweaks to that part.

I’m sorry if that summary was too big​:confounded::sweat_smile:

omg no its an awesome story! once the club commences ill be sure to help you with anything you need! you are now a member of the all inclusive authors club! :heart: :smile:

Aww thank you so much​:innocent::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:. And I’m happy to be a member, feel free if you need my help with anything as well​:grin:!

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i totally will :heart: and if you want feel free to recommend the club to others :hugs:

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Will do!

One more question, for future reference, if i need help with my script would I email you the link to my script or do I just send screenshots?

info i need: I’m good at coding and ideas.
your name. Atalia
your email.
and a little summary of your story.
Isabella a sweet, caring and normal college girl lives with her brother and bestfriend.
She feels like shes nothing special, until the heir to the Mexican Mafia, Zane Sanchez, move in with Isabella and her bestfriend and brother. Little does she know, Zane is about to turn her world upside down!

awesome story! ill PM you all the deats :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :innocent: