Attention Needed!

Hi people! I have started this thread to well… errmm… get some attention towards this problem.

I don’t think that people realize that giving personal info such as last names, middle names or photos of themselves is something personal to them and that it is VERY dangerous if that info gets into the wrong hands. I don’t want to come across as mean or anything like that, but this really needs to stop. People shouldn’t know your middle name, last name or what you look like, so that YOU are safe. Also, people don’t need to know that info, so just don’t give it. People also don’t need to know your age or birthdate.

This is NOT just some online rant. I am truly concerned about the well-beingof my fellow Episodians and I DO NOT want to see anyone get hurt or bothered by something upsetting.

I hope that everyone understands that I AM NOT pointing fingers at any individuals and that I am making this thread for the well-being of my peers.

Love- Riley :kissing_heart:


Well said sweetie :heart:

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You know…most of the time, the names aren’t real. But I get your point, you have a good one :blush:


It is concerning seeing young children post so much personal information online. I think it could be a generational thing; I remember all those ads that were like “if you use your real first name online, this serial pedophile is going to break into your house and steal you.” I wouldn’t let any of my friends post pictures with me in them until junior year :sob: Anyway, yes, please be cautious and learn how to spot scams! (any online generator that offers you 10000 diamonds if you type in your email and download 3 apps is fake, love :pensive:)


ESPESCIALLY this! I avoid selfie threads for this reason…


I too think its a generational thing, as a teenager I feel like I’m at a point where I’ve learnt how much to share where, which sites are safe and secure which aren’t (for example instagram is safe for pictures) which personally i think there’s no harm in posting pictures of myself there, when I was younger I was told by my mom not to post pictures and not to be open on internet, but as a rebellious kid, no body could’ve stopped me from exploring lol!

As of now, i haven’t had “extremely” traumatic experience on the internet, I just block or report anyone who seems problematic to me then also there are influencers who get money JUST for the thing you told not to, I understand that this is completely different from other sites and forums, but whats the worse that could happen? The predator finding my apartment number? pfft I wanna see them try

Also im sorry if this comes out to be a toxic reply, I just wanted to put my opinion


Notorious move for the scam community cause episode casually skips over our suggestions about gems


Although I’m generally quite open, I agree! In the wrong hands it can be dangerous.
I’ve had an experience on here where other users have tried to pry into my personal life and tried to keep tabs on everything I did on social media, so despite being generally open, I do keep certain things to myself, such as my address, my middle name and the personal details of people in my life. :relaxed:

Stay safe, guys!


I do agree with this kinda!
Which is why I am very uncomfortable with sharing my actual name and selfies online-

People might easily search for my fb account as I have a unique name ToT

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Yes that’s true! You should never share personal information on the internet. It could get into the wrong hands and get dangerous. Stuff like first names, pet names or interests are fine. Things like addresses, age, last names, email (Unless you trust this person and need to send something) etc are not to be shared around like candy. Be careful everyone, and think before you send information like this to a random stranger on the internet :face_with_hand_over_mouth: