ATTENTION! 'The real me' cover contest!❤

I know your probably thinking this is another cover contest, butttt this all just for fun. Anyone who doesn’t want the responsibility of owning a shop you can come do art here! and if you don’t that’s fine too. I’m not going to tag anyone just because its probably pretty annoying so anyone you think should join tag them!

title - The real me
LL - lime light
Generic body
neutral 03
arched natural eyebrows - deep brown
medium straight down hair - medium warm brown
deepest almond eyes - hazel dark
square youthful face
round button nose
full pouty lips - neutral medium nude gloss
any other information on this character or others you need inf on just ask!

i don’t have any request so feel free to go wild tehe
Deadline: July 5th
If you need a longer deadline please tell me!

You moved to a new school, your mom got a new job. You don’t know what to do, who to meet or where to start… play as the character Lillian and find out what her life is all about.
in depth summary:
You have started at a new school and very conscious of who to trust and after a wild experience in your last school you vowed to never repeat it again. Who can you trust, will you have to sleep with one eye open?
This is a drama
while i don’t have awesome prizes ill promote you as much as i can.
if you’ve done any art for me already do not threat every piece of art will go in my story and also get recognition!
k bye :innocent:

On second though i might tag some people cos not alot of people are joining :sweat_smile:
im so sorry if you didn’t want to be tagged.


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EDIT: You have until July 30th (increased time) please tell me if you need more.:kissing_heart:
And please ask others you know if they can join.


I’ll do it but do you want only you in the cover?

Also can I do like a school background in it I’ve got an idea

you can do anything you want! anything you think will fit. if you need any other details for any other characters you want to add pm me!

I’ll get to work :smile:

I have a lot of schoolwork but I’ll definitely join if I have time!


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Sorry for disturbing you again but is the cover for the Large cover or the small one?

probably large? you can choose hopefully there would be others who want to do other sizes :innocent:

Which lips are they btw because there are many pouty’s :sweat_smile:

full pouty lips :grin:

One more thing can I choose the outfit?

sure! nothing extra unlessmyour doing a prom theme idk :sweat_smile: whatever fits what your doing

Im thinking about joining :thinking:

I’m done with it, so where do you want me to send it to you? :grin:

I don’t think I went extra on the outfit but you look cute as heck in it! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

heh, its not me its my character but thanks! you can send it to me!

Awesome!! do you need anymore details?

I probably would join since it’s 1 character but I’m not drawing in Limelight anymore :woman_facepalming:t4:

oh- i didn’t know :sweat_smile: its ok :blush:

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I will give it a try :wink: