Audree’s Art Shop (PAID)| open 🤠

Welcome to my art shop! I do covers, art scenes, overlays, intros and outros :slight_smile:

Make sure you pay half of the price before and other half after
If you cannot do so, you can pay me after but i will not give the finished piece without payment

Examples of my art:
(if you want you can check out my Instagram @artsy.audree)

Cover Examples

Art Scene Example

Overlay examples

Outro Example


Profile pic: $5
Covers and Art scenes:
1 character = $15
2 characters = $20
3 characters = $30
Intro and Outros: $5 each (however if there are characters in it, it’s the same as the prices above)
Overlays: $2
Background: 3-10 CAD (depends on how hard it is)
type this code in to let me know that you have read the prices and know that you have to pay: cacti :cactus:


Everything is paid via paypal

i work very hard on my art and spend a lot of money on tools and such, so sorry if you don’t like that it’s paid but idt anybody should really be giving free art out.



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thanks for the bump :))

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No problem!

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Good evening! Are you still taking requests?

Yes i am

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I need some art scenes for sure and a small cover. What’s a intro and outro? Do you have a sample of that

Intros are placed at the beginning of each episode, kind of like a title sequence in a tv show. An outro is placed at the end and it basically concludes the episode.

Here’s the small cover information

2 characters

Female: Skin: Copper 4, Brow: Arched Short Color BlackDark, Hair: Messy Sock Bun Color Black Dark, Eyes: Female generic Color: Pale Brown, Face: Round soft, Nose: Round Button Upturned, Lips: Full Round Pouty Color: Glossy Black

Male: Skin: Neutral 4, Brow: straight medium color black dark, Hair: short curly fade color black dark, Eyes: Narrow Almond Deep Smiling eye color hazel dark, Face: Square Jaw Roundcheek Stubble, Nose: Round wide, Lips: Medium heart Color Beige Gold







The title of the story is called “All Yours”.

alright, you are aware you have to pay right? just making sure.

Yes mam. I’m aware. I just added a background. It doesn’t matter which one you use. U can pick the one you like better.

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alright i will get started right away, do you want to pay half before and half after or all together?
Also do you have Instagram? It will be much easier for communication.

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I can pay all or half it doesn’t matter. And yes my Instagram is @michelle1_episode

Heyy! I am really interested in your art!

Drawn if it’s ok? :slight_smile:


2048×1212 102 KB
Character Details:
Skin: Rose 02
Brows: Arched Short
Brows Colour: Black Dark
Hair: Long Straight Loose Solid
Hair Colour: Black Dark
Eyes: Deepset Almond
Eye Colour: Brown Dark
Face Shape: Diamond
Nose: Grecian Soft
Lips: Medium Downturned Pout
Lip Colour: Beige Light Gold Matte

Pose Custom: Wiping blood from her mouth whilst her facial expression is sad and scared,

Description: Kinda dark, a silhouette figure in the background taking a picture of her with a flash.

Story Name: Oaklands: Just Moved

Text: A kinda rough looking text.

Thank you in advance :slight_smile:

How do I credit you?

I need it asap :slight_smile:

If you need the animations lemme know :slight_smile:

i can draw this, but you will either have to pay half before and half after or full price before.

nevermind then :slight_smile:



cacti. how long does it take to make an outro?

depends on if it’s simple or complex.

Usually the one in my examples takes around 15-25 mins, but if you want characters it may take more (maybe an hour or so).

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