Aura High. Rp signups open. Anyone is welcome!


A high school, Auror High has always been a place where powerful teens could attend school without the fear of being tracked or caught. The school is protected by a barrier that keeps anyone else out. People can leave but can not enter unless invited. It is completely hidden from the rest of the world… Divided as well into subsections, earth powers, fire powers, wind powers and water powers.

When there is suddenly a mysterious death of one of the students, a crack is found in the barrier. Can the children and teachers at Auror High fix the barrier and find out what happened before it’s too late?? Or will the barrier permanently open, leaving them exposed?


  1. Sex is allowed but no details
  2. Active at least one a day. If you can not be active please please P.M @Chay @AMANI182-EPISODEEEEE @Tellyg47
  3. No making god like character make sure your character has a weakness.
  4. Please not a lot of Orp or occ do that on the signup up page.
  5. Blur or as* cuss words
  6. If you have questions ask us.
  7. Try to have fun and no killing other people
  8. characters without permission.
  9. If you are not active without telling us your character will go up for adoption but you can get them back.
  10. If you are talking to someone make sure to tag them.
  11. Make sure to reserve characters to make sure you get the ones you want. We will make a character seat.
  12. Only three characters allowed for each RPer

Anymore rules we should add or remove please pm one of us, thank you and have fun

Signup information:
The person power level goes up to 10 but they must have a great weakness for such power. The groups doesn’t matter so pick anyone Fire,water,earth,wind element you want. Power are just like powers and @AMANI182-EPISODEEEEE will see how op it is and you must have a weakness for that. Be creative with your names and background/personality.



Reserve list

@Ella reserve for 1 with telekinesis
@Drama_Queer reserve for 1
@Episode.BriarRose for 1
@Clarkiiie reserve for 3

already signed up:

@Chay - Becca and Dillion Sanchez and Charles Hebert-principal
@Natalie_c - Natalia
@Gabi.Stories - Emma
@natasha.episodex - Melanie
@KCPopcore - Natalie Rose Begay
@Ms.Kate - Skylar
@Clarkiiie - Zelda Moss
@coolandlazy - Josie Peterson
@mage158 - Arroyo Douglas
@epi.alyssaa - Ashley Wilson
@Kate_Potter its Ashley Lempisone
@madilnel - Cutter Bently

Tagging people who are interested.



Reserve for 1…


@AMANI182-EPISODEEEEE can you post the signup link? Please




Ooooo this sounds interesting. Could I maybe reserve for one?




I’ll reserve one.




Reserve for 1 please




I’m confused, the signups said that the answer for Powers has to be a number


do we reserve powers? if so, reserve for one character with telekinesis power


@AMANI182-EPISODEEEEE what you mean by powers?


I mean… powers lol


like level in power strength.


Ok. So explain what you can do with your powers… and what there are…


What’s the maximum number?