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______Auradon Prep_______

Welcome to Auradon Prep, an institution for the descendants of Disney’s most well-known heroes.

These teenagers have led charmed lives in the United States of Auradon. Twenty years ago, King Beast and Queen Belle united the fairy tale kingdoms to form the United States of Auradon. When they united the kingdoms, the other royal families surrendered their status as Kings and Queens of their own lands, opting to let King Beast and Queen Belle rule. They are still referred to as Princes and Princesses, and many still take an active part in governing their States and working in Parliament.

The children of the villains, on the other hand, grew up on the Isle of the Lost, the prison island off the coast of Auradon where their parents were sent to make amends for their crimes. Surrounded by a barrier that prevents the use of magic on the Island, they have grown up in squalor, scrounging to survive and living off of scraps.

But because of a twist in fate, the parliament of Auradon has decided to give the children of the Isle a chance to prove themselves, and has granted them a chance to come to school with the children of the heroes. So here we are, children of heroes and villains alike, attending the same school.

So, get ready kids. Auradon Prep is about to get a lot more wicked.

Rules for Character Creation
  • Limit of 2 characters per roleplayer, one of which has to be a male character.

  • Make sure to reserve your Disney parents, before signing your characters up.

  • You may only reserve one or two Disney parents for each character. If one character has two Disney parents, please make sure that it makes sense with the fairy tales. For example, you cannot reserve Snow White and Jafar’s kid.

  • You will have 5 days to sign up your characters, before the roles are open again.

  • You can’t reserve the same Disney parents as another roleplayer.

  • No Mary-Sues or Gary-Sues!

  • Faceclaims must be age-appropriate. Remember that these are high school students, so faceclaims should not be over 30 years old.

Rules for Roleplay
  • Write your character’s name above the post.

  • This is a semi-advanced roleplay, so absolutely no one-liners and posts that are just text messages. Please strive to write 3-10 lines in each post. After two warnings, you will be banned from roleplaying and your characters will be put up for adoption.

  • Correct grammar at all times.

  • Please use the blur spoiler to cover all your curse words.

  • Tag those characters who you mention on your post.

  • OOC conversations must be done in the Sign-Ups thread, or use the blur spoiler or hide details to hide it from view.

Sign-Ups Form

Already reserved characters:
Daughter of Ursula
Son of Peter Pan and Wendy Darling
Daughter of Captain Hook
Son of Cinderella and Prince Charming
Daughter of Mulan
Son of Shan Yu
Daughter of Dr. Facilier
Daughter of Snow White
Son of Aladdin and Jasmine
Daughter of Cruella Deville
Son of Flynn Ryder and Rapunzel
Daughter of Belle and Prince Adam
Daughter of Alice
Son of the Queen of Hearts
Son of Hercules and Meg
Daughter of Elsa
Son of Hades
Daughter of Merida
Daughter of Princess Tiana and Prince Naveen
Son of Moana
Daughter of Ariel and Prince Eric
Daughter of the Genie
Daughter of Evil Queen
Daughter of Gaston
Son of the Fairy Godmother
Daughter of Anna and Kristoff
Son of John Smith and Pocahontas
Daughter of Alana
Son of Jafar

Reservations are closed until further notice. DM if interested in participating in the roleplay.

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Can i reserve daughter of mulan


Can I reserve for son or daughter of the Queen of Hearts? ^^


@marie6867 Will it be a son or daughter?

@Kittenlove Will it be a son of daughter?


I’m unsure about which would make more sense… do you have a preference? :blush:


Can i reserve Dr, Facilier daughter too

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Reserve a daughter of Snow White and Son of Aladin?

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No preference here, whatever you would like haha


Someone already reserved Aladdin and Jasmine, sorry

  • Reserve son of Flynn Rider and Rapunzel
  • Reserve a daughter of Belle and Prince Adam
  • Reserve a daughter of the Evil Queen

There is a limit of two characters. You would have to drop one of those reservations.


Oh, then I’d like Princess Aurora and Prince Philip please


Oh ok then drop daughter of the Evil Queen

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could i reserve daughter of alice from alice in wonderland?


What do we do for full name when we dont know their parents last name


Son then :wink:


You can make one up, taking in consideration who the parent is. In the movie Descendants, the son of Belle and Prince Adam used Florian as a last name. “Flor” is flower in spanish, which references the rose in the story. I won’t be very picky about last names, so you can use Florian or something else.




Reserve for a daughter of Jasmine and Aladdin
And a son of Peter Pan


Can I reserve the daughter of Captain Hook?
@khione can we also choose descendants not from your list