Auror High Part 2 Official RP


Charles Herbert (principal) @ChayChay
Ace Lockwood (teacher) @lilysmith10 - dead
Ember Allen (teacher) @coolandlazy
Glen Creek (teacher) @mage158
Dianna Neville (teacher) @killerfrost
Julia (grade twelve) @AMANI182-EPISODEEEEE - dead
Natalia (grade 12) @natalie_c
Josie (grade 12) @coolandlazy
Cutter (grade 12) @Madilnel
Skylar (grade 12) @Ms.Kate
Becca (grade 11) @ChayChay
Aria (grade 11) @AMANI182-EPISODEEEEE
Tyler (grade 12) @JasonWasHere
Ashley W (grade11) @epi.alyssaa
Zelda (grade 11) @Clarkiiie
Jay (grade 11) @lilysmith10
Adolphine (grade 11) @Kate_Potter
Jude (Grade 11) @HermanEpisode
Bo (grade 11) @Clarkiiie
Keeno (grade 11) @KCPopcore
Katerina (grade 11) @_Nasia
Sean (grade 11) @Kate_potter
Scottie (grade 10) @lilysmith10
Blue (grade 10) @killerfrost
Natalie (grade 10) @KCPopcore
Arroyo (grade 10) @mage158
Kai (grade 10) @coolandlazy
Emma (grade 10) @Gabi.stories
Dillion (grade 9) @ChayChay
Johnny (grade 9) @AMANI182-EPISODEEEEE
Melanie (grade 9) @natasha.episodex
Ashley S. (grade 9) @Kate_Potter

Let me know who else is dead

Hi I want to join a RP
Any rp's I can join?

Emma isn’t dead… lol gain came back…


I will get you the new characters names too… lol we have a replacement teacher for wind class


Missed a new teacher


I just told her… lol we are missing a few people… I’ll do those tags in a min… getting the names now


Forgot venus!


I’m abt to add everyone guys… one moment please.

Dorms and classmates!! Some are dead…




Hey I’m not in the assignments, my characters name is Amelia


Gotcha there now. She is in the 9th grade dorms…


I’m sure I put her as a 12th grader though, I could be wrong.


You did but dorms are full… lol






“Have I told you how cute you are when you blush babe?”



ORP: you set up allandra with Natalia omg no but idc



I had walked towards my new dorm again like the first day. I had bring everything from home because I was living there for a week because of the problem but idc…
I grabbed everything and I started walking towards my dorm praying for not a dorm partner that I hate!



“So…How are you?” I had put on a shirt while saying that.




She had let me explored her mouth. I had nibbled on her tounge…Begging for her patience…



Okay, take a deep breath , I am a werewolf…let’s be rational.

“How was she like?” I ask him.



I smiled, I ten him lead now. Then I pull back.
“Want to go to my dorm?”
I say firtariously

I shrug. Then I go over to my computer and show him some data about people’s strengths, power levels, and weaknesses.



I had scratched my head.
“Babe ummm are you ready cuz you know I don’t want to take away your…”