Aurora: the chosen one


Hey! I’m currently writing a new story called “Aurora: The Chosen One” which is about a 19 year old girl who is fairly poor, living with her ‘family’. Well, long story short, her real mother is the Queen… and she’s next in line. The story is basically filled with lots of drama, romance, mystery. My question is… Would this kind of story be a story that you would read? Could you maybe give suggestions about a storyline? I’m looking forward to hearing about the feedback!



Hey @lilym1! Your story does seem interesting, now that I think of it…:thinking:. Can I give you a suggestion? You said that this story was partly romance, right? How about the character the MC falls in love with is one of the “poor” guys. When the MC becomes a princess, the queen will force her to marry an actual prince. Doesn’t that sound like drama?
Lol, that’s my suggestion, you don’t need to even do that. :slightly_smiling_face:


That’s a great suggestion! Thank you for the help!


Np :slight_smile:




thats so weird but i love it lol


thank you. thank you.


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