AUS, QLD Driver's Test Fear

Hey guys. This is mostly just a topic that is aimed towards Australians who live in Queensland who have recently had their driver’s test or know of someone who has. I’ve just turned 16 about 2 weeks ago and I have not yet gone for my driver’s test. I really don’t think I will pass. And I can’t seem to find anything online about how many questions I’ll have to complete, or what to study. I’d ask someone in my class, but they’re all just weirdos - and not the good kind.

It’s funny how I’m more terrified of this test than I am of actually driving. I’ve never passed a test before in my life, and I really don’t think I will pass this one. I’m scared.

I doubt I’ll get any replies to this post because how many Australians who live in Queensland go on this website? :joy:


I live in Australia but not QLD. I’m from NSW. I’m not sure how many questions either, I’m pretty sure the test was changing in June or July. But they usually put sample driver tests online. If I find something, I’ll put the link up for you.

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Okay. Here’s your drivers test link:

All I can say is good luck. Driver tests are pretty easy once you study for them. You’ll do fine, so don’t stress!

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a driver licinse cost almost 1500 dollers in my country. reason why i am 23 and dont have one

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I was really excited to find this thread since I’m from QLD haha.

I’m not sure I can help though. I did my test a couple years ago, it was about 25 multiple choice questions and I think you can only get 2 questions wrong? It definitely could have changed since I did the test though. The questions were very straight forward and standard though, stuff like who gives way first, what does this sign mean, etc:

Don’t stress, just make sure you study! When I went for the test, there were a bunch of QLD drivers apps I downloaded on my phone that helped me practice for the test!

Good luck :heart:


Thank you so much! :blush:

Thank youu :blue_heart:

I just don’t know what to find online to properly study.

I do have an app on my phone, but that’s just got knowledge tests or progress tests, or whatever they call them lol

I’m from NSW but honestly, practicing that DKT on the app is what got me through it. If you go through it 10 times, the odds are that you will get every question at least once. Like the practice test actually does use the real questions, so it’s the best way to prepare imo

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Okay, thank you!

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