Austentatious question

Hello guys! This is a question for the ones who played Austentatious. I first played it literally years ago and never finished it so I started playing again a few days ago and I was already very close to the end.
Can someone explain to me what happened to the MC and the love interest?? (Baby and Cassius) because I remember that they loved each other and now they hate each other??? WHY

If you’re reading Austentatious and are almost done, then you’re at the part where Baby (the MC) is very pregnant with her 3rd child and is having a dream. In the dream Johnny’s (Cassius) mother doesn’t die and he’s raised in wealth by both his parents so he grows up arrogant. That’s why he hates her in the dream.

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It is, in other words, the introduction of what would’ve been if Cassius was born in wealth, as stated above. The full story can be found under “The Arrangement” :wink:

It’s still very good, and elements from Austentatious can be seen in it,

Omg thank you so much, I could not remember that at all!

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Thank you so much!