Australian Backgrounds

Hi everyone, I am an Australian, who is kinda new to this, I am wanting to know if there are Australian backgrounds, that either have been used in the past, or if anyone can give me advice on how to create my own. If there has been Australian backgrounds created, I will credit them, so don’t worry!


Like these And I can turn them into episode related.

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Thanks for replying, that actually would be perfect, I was thinking something like the Sydney Harbour Bridge because its most iconic, not saying the rock isn’t but when people think of Australia they always think of Sydney, so I can go a bit different.

Thank you so much, I would love for you to help me with it

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I don’t think there is any episode related stuff for that, but here is what I found

Now i think of it, first pic you showed me, Ayers Rock, would be better, apologies for the back and forth

Well, I think this one looks slightly like Australia-
It’s called EXT. DESERT VIEW - DAY (And there is also Night and Sunrise in the art catalog) :wink:
If it’s not what you’re looking for, sorry I couldn’t help!

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Thanks for your help

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