Australian Writers./ lots of choices in stories


Hey guy, just wondering if there are any Australian writers on episodes?

Or any stories with lots of choices out there’s?

With unlimited passes I’m reading stories to fast. I’m addicted ahah


:raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed: I’m Australian.

As for the choices questions… Depends what you classify as a lot of choices?


3 or more choices in a episode?
Or even choices that actually matter and get change the stories but you’re choices.

Just found you on episodes going to read some stories. It’s good to see Australian stories I’ve only come across 2 Australian writers so far.


I’m Australian and all my stories have lots of choices :wink:

Ebonni who writes Adrenaline and Fine Line is Australian.


Oh wow, thanks for checking out my stories. I’ll be honest though, they have no reference to Australia.

I do know of one story that includes an Aboriginal MC. It’s called Fractured Realms. I can’t remember if it’s heavy on choices though.

For ones I definitely know that have a lot of choices:
@EliseC is right, her stories have choices that matter. I’d recommend hit n run.
Envy by Cindy G
Forever Young by Jalissa
Apocalypse by PM
Trials of Suburbia by toriah


Natural Selection has many important choices.


Closing due to one month of inactivity :slight_smile: