Author added waiting period to continue reading (or pay gems)

YES! This is what really bothers me. Skip the wait drives me insane. Right now I’m reading a story that has been completed for a long time and has 70+ chapter and I can only read 2 chapters at a time and then I have an 11 hour wait. To me that is just insane. And not only that but this is a very popular author with millions of reads. I’m just starting to lose interest in the app and most stories in general. It’s ridiculous

Yes! I totally feel you there. I joined episode to binge read when I get bored. Sometimes on my lazy days when I wasn’t working I would read a whole 50 chapter story lol. I used to get the $10 a month unlimited pass and no ads. It was GREAT! And then skip the wait happened and I can’t do any of that anymore. I can’t binge read and I can’t get unlimited passes anymore for $10. It’s $15 now and even then it wouldn’t be worth it because skip the wait would get in the way of unlimited reading. What am I supposed to do, read 50 stories at once so I always have something to read? Absolutely not. It’s so ridiculous and greedy for episode to do this.


Im having a huawei p40pro telephone and this phone dont have google play, so i cant even buy gems if i want to. :joy: There is basically situation without escape. :joy::joy: And now all stories that im reading asking for 10 gems after 3 chapters or i have to wait 5 hours​:joy::joy::joy:

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I’ve been having the same issue too, note that the story has been fully finished. I waited until the next day and I still couldn’t read the story! So annoying. I am happy to support the author but I only have a small amount of gems, it’s impossible. :cry:


I agree. It’s not fair. I love Supporting authors. But how am I supposed to do that if I have to spend all my gems on reading the next chapter. Or I have to wait 11 hours. Yes I understand why u have gems choices but not the choice of waiting 11 hours for next chapter or buying it. I can not support them with this new update an tbh with this happening I don’t really think I want to support them. I am grateful for them an there stores. I love them I do. But some people can not afford to buy gems. One they need other ways to get gems. An two not do this. I love using this app I truly do. I have been using this for many years. But now it’s becoming something that is just about gems an money. I truly feel like not using this app but then I don’t wanna stop. But if this counties I may. An I’m sure many others may to. Because it’s very frustrating.


I honestly wouldn’t mind it so much if Episode would let me buy VIP Amethyst so that I could have unlimited passes for community stories. When I have to pay 16 gems to unlock the next 6 episodes but I only have one pass left? Yeah, I’m not going to do that. I’d be more likely to to spend the gems if I could read those 6 episodes right after unlocking them instead of having to wait another 3 hours anyway. I love supporting community authors, especially small ones, but only giving me access to VIP Sapphire makes it harder for me to do that.


Is anyone else seeing an increase in the number of gems needed to skip the wait, if they don’t pay the first time? :gem:

I got through 2 chapters in a story and the message said “skip the wait for 6 gems to read the next 6 chapters OR wait 6 hours”.
When I finally raised enough gems, the number of gems required increased to 16. :roll_eyes:

I could be wrong, but this is new to me. It’s my first time seeing that.

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I miss the $10 monthly pass. I was upset when Episode stopped doing weekly sales a while back. That’s when I would buy most of my gems and passes. :upside_down_face:

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There are a lot of good stories and I’m all for supporting the authors. But it makes me a little hesitant to complete stories when there are paid choices and the wait time thing.
By paid choices, I’m talking about actual choices and clothes. Things you see in Episode Official stories. :gem:

An example: A community story I’m currently reading was recently updated and now has paid choices for everything. So what was once there before (unlockable with points), is now behind a paywall. :money_with_wings:

I’ve spent a lot of money on Episode. I’ve been reading stories and supporting authors on Episode for years. I might just find something else to do or read, if Episode gets too expensive :thinking: