Author Appreciation!

I just wanted to put out there some amazing authors who have amazing stories. Genevieve M. is such a big inspiration to me and her stories Dripping Mascara and Wasted Roses are out of this world, they are both so high quality and have brought me to tears numerous times. Mary Galvan is an amazing author and one of my favourite stories of hers is Enslaved which gave me so much awareness of human trafficking, this story was so tragic yet utterly amazing and I was opened to a whole new world where I was not very aware of. Beth C. is such an excellent writer and is very good at writing outstanding mysteries. Her story Campfire is out of this world, it was written very well creating so many plot twists that I never saw what was going to happen, her story is definitely one of my all time favourite mysteries hands down. Jade I. is another one of my favourite authors, her writing is awesome. One of the first stories I read of hers was The Old Maid Adventures and I absolutely loved it. It was utterly hilarious and whenever I read it always put me in a good mood.


The only author on that list I haven’t read anything from is Mary, though I may have to check her work out. The ones on the list I have read stories from are absolutely fantastic! Do you want people to add to this thread by talking about other authors we appreciate? Since I have a few more I could mention.

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