Author art needed

Hi :wave:t3:
I was wondering if someone would be able and willing to do an art work of my character as the author? I don‘t know how you call that, sorry haha.
Thanks anyway!

I can help you INK or LL

Thanks, LL

sorry i only do INK.

I wish I could as well but this is how bad I am at limelight…

These are my inks they are much better.


no problem. But those INKs are beautiful!

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Is there anybody who does author art in LL?

Unfortunately i only do edited LL

Could I maybe see some examples?

I can do edited as well. Here

I hope that’s enough examples…:grin::kissing_heart:

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This is the only one I’ve got now

That‘s really nice of you but I‘m only looking for an author profile, thanks though! They‘re beautiful.

Cool. Is it possible to only do one of the head or like a medium shot (incl stomach)?


That‘d be perfect thanks!

Okay then i need your details

Skin: Neutral 03
Brow Shape: Arched Natural
Brow Colour: Dark Brown
Hair: Over Shoulder Braid
Hair Colour: Chestnut Brown
Eye Shape: Deepset Downturned Wide
Eye Colour: Brown Dark
Face Shape: Diamond
Nose Shape: Defined Natural
Lip Shape: Full Wide
Lip Colour: Rose Matte