Author Corner (How do you code/plan your stories)

Hey everyone.

I have been a member of this community for at least 2 years I believe.

Last two years I published my first story and it was doing great until school work and life caught up with me and I had to abandon it.

Last year again I decided to try my luck at starting coding for a new story, which I plan on releasing somewhere around the summer.

But since holidays are nearly over and we are all going to be busy again,I would appreciate if anyone could share with me how they balance their work and episode life.
I am a student in the UK and currently in year 11, when I resume school I would like to know how I can plan and code for my stories (bear in mind that I have a 2 hour study session afterschool)

If anyone could advise me that would be great.

And I also wanted to ask if 6000 and 7000 lines is too much for a story.
The story I am currently writing contains overlays ( A LOT) although it is not super advanced epic stuff but it just gives it a cool effect. I would say that most of the 2000 lines is dialogue , direction and zooming and the other 5000 or 4000 is overlay.

Thank you for taking your time to read this. Any type of advice is appreciated :heart:


Hey Episodestart,

Welcome back. I’m not a student anymore, but I understand you have a life next to Episode. I only take notes about the titles of the episodes and the characters, who they are, how old they are and who I need to credit. That’s how I plan. But everyone plans in their own way. What I try to say is… Don’t force yourself to write. So, take your time and take breaks if you get a writers block. Write when you have time and when you have the inspiration. :wink:

I think the amount of lines is perfect. I always have 2000 lines (not all 2000 lines are dialogue), but I think 2000 lines dialogue is a perfect amount for an episode.

Good luck with your story. And if you’d like to have some more advice PM me over here or DM me at instagram @angelwings_1983.

Love A-W

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Hey, Thank you for your advice I really appreciate it. I will take on it and use it to improve myself. Have a nice day :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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hey hey. this is perfect. for reader retention and sectioning sake, 2000 is good. it should be no more than 2000 of dialogue and not under 800 I would say. gl! this sound like its really going to be epic!

Thank you girl I appreciate it. I see that you are also writing a story, good luck with it. If you need any help with anything let me know and i’ll try my best to help. My insta is Alo_episodes

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Hi Episodestart!!

I would say that you could plan out your stories (and even the coding) on a piece of paper, or even a google doc. It will help you figure out what you need to write, and you’ll be prepared way ahead of time! You could also pull inspiration from movies, books, or even just myths/legends. In addition, I would say 6000/7000 lines aren’t too much, I can’t remember if the limit is 10k lines or not, yet you implemented a lot of overlays so that amount is reasonable. Just make sure it does not lag your app experience though, when you test it out.

I balance my school and episode life by just time management, but I always remember that education comes first rather than writing/coding. I can just do Episode in my free time, or when I have finished all my necessary homework.

Hope this helps <3


Yes it really does, thanks for the reply. I haven’t been keeping up with the community for a while so i seemed to have forgotten what was acceptable and what wasn’t.

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It’s okay! I also took a short break from the community a while ago, so it was weird shifting back.

No problem again! Glad to help :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

thank you so so much! I appreciate it! <3

My insta is Alo_episodes by the way, will be glad to help you if you ever need any help :smiley:

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honestly, I am generally terrible at balancing school, life and episode- and it can feel like you have no time to code… but recently I just started a story; I had this name in mind and that was pretty much it. I liked how it sounded, so I ran with it. I titled it in the portal, created characters I might want to use, then in the portal, I started writing everything that I wanted for the story, starting with the main idea and what the point of the story was. I just brain dumped ideas as notes in the portal, as well as writing down results of any research I needed to do to inform me on my premise. As soon as I got the general idea within about 10 minutes, I started writing it. Honestly, it’s fun to know you have a solid premise, but at the same time, just writing whatever you want and think would happen in the scenario. I wouldn’t over-plan, it can sometimes set expectations that can make it hard to keep coming back to the portal the next day to update.

(I code and write at the same time)

In terms of balance, I would say something I heard from a fellow writer on instagram, posed more as a question: are you spending all the time you can in the portal? In those free moments, are you spending time in your story, doing something for it? Honestly, that question really helped me to be sure that work is being consistently put in my story. Are you doing all you can?

This is just my experience, and just what I’m trying now.

Also, I keep my episodes at around 1000-1500 lines

Thank you!!! I am receiving a lot of advice and this is great.
I will keep that in mind, even If i don’t code a lot in one day I’ll try and add bits on days that I can and keep it constant.


My insta is Alo_episodes if you ever need help or just wanna chat. Have a great day

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I have pretty good school and episode balance. I sometimes even code at school when all my work is completed.

When planning a story, I make sure the story will go somewhere by coding out the first chapter as it comes to mind. As long as my brain doesn’t over complicate the plot, I usually stay interested and finish the story. My problem is that I generally make shorter stories because I have such a hard time staying on track with a slow burn.

Depending on the story I will have a min of 1000 lines per chapter to a max of 7000 per chapter.

P.S. A little extra advice

I write the story I would want to read. One that doesn’t exist and that would be great if it did. If you do this, it helps to keep yourself engaged with the plot and have more fun with it.

Good luck:)


As a student myself, I understand how stressful it can be to balance work and Episode! But the one thing that I would really recommend is making a schedule. Plan out what times you will dedicate to homework and what times you will give yourself for Episode, personal time, etc. I am an online student, so I like to finish my work by 1-2 o’clock, write for Episode for about an hour - 1.5 hours, and spend the rest of the day on personal things. Just remember that you’ve got this!
Also I wouldn’t focus on the number on lines in your story, but instead the runtime. I’d say the average episode is about 15-ish minutes so if you’re in that range, you’re good!


Thank you, writing a schedule seems like a very efficient way of managing time as well. I will try and make one for myself. :heart:

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This is great, I never thought of writing a story that way. I’ll take on your advice.
Thanks :blush:

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I have 3 children 6,3,1, write in episode and do commissions it’s a lot :joy:
I usually plan my story the main events and then just wing it but anything significant i keep notes on my phone so there isn’t any loopholes or any going back three 10 chapters to find a characters name :joy:

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You are winning in life :triumph:, It’s amazing that you are able to make time despite being busy. I have two younger siblings and normally :partying_face: have to look after them. So I understand that It is no easy job.

You are doing great

Thank you!

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