Author interaction experiences?

I just wanna share this funny thing that happened to me. (It’s a one time experience)

I have been on episode since 2014 and started becoming instagram active at 2015, then deactivated my account last January because I prefer the epi forums more,

Ok I’m laughing my a$$ out don’t judge me.

So there is this author let’s just say that she is a big author in the community with millions of reads. Yes you heard that right. Many people are getting worried or are like uncomfortable because her story is very toxic and problematic and people coming at her telling her constructive criticisms.

I have my own opinion on this so I decided to dm her and tell her what I think and her misrepresentation of a culture and that.

Do you wanna know what she told me?

She told me that I’m jealous of her and her story being popular and what not and I just have to deal with it LMAOO I can’t-

I’m sorry I keep on laughing to this is. It’s kinda pathetic but hey I tried :woman_shrugging:

What about yours? Drop em out


I can’t say I’ve had an experience like that, but if I’m being totally honest, I’d laugh too. She’s being a total idiot :joy:
If I ever accidentally misrepresented a certain group of people (bc I would never do it on purpose) I would absolutely take people’s advice and listen to them, only because I never want anyone to be offended by my work. If that author seriously took constructive criticism as an insult, then she’s a piece of work. And there’s no sugarcoating that. :sparkles:


I have another oneeee

this one is a bit shallow

it’s not mine but it’s a insta story because she started a q&a

So she started a q&a in her insta story and she states that if anyone asked her when is the next update, she will block em immediately. So this person asked “do you plan on adding more episode on -story-?”

And she responded;

“Do you plan on getting blocked?”

Okay okay beforeee you come at me I’m sure as hell that she’s not joking around, she’s dead serious mate and I’m dead a*s laughing at my bed that time :smiley:


I dont approve of how she reacted but I might know why she reacted the way she did

I think she might be in defense mode, when a lot of people tell you your doing something wrong you can go in denfese mode espically if it something you care about.

evry time someone point out my bad grammar I am about to blow because its a thing I am sentitive about. some are rude some are trying to be helpfull, evryone trigger me, and its not fair on those who try to help gets my anger.

and I think its kinda the same,


I can totally understand how this comes off as rude and hurtful however she did warn everyone what she would do so it’s best to stay away from questions asking about updates/more episode if the author who is doing a q & a doesn’t want to be asked those questions :sweat_smile: I do think she could have approached the situation in a more nicer way but I also believe that we shouldn’t ask authors certain questions in a q & a they set up and create rules for because it can upset them and make them feel like the reader is not listening to them.


Ok, well I think that she should be more considerate knowing that we are the readers reading these stories, she should not think of this as jealousy but of tip’s to make her stories better, if she considered this information that people are telling her she may us it to her advantage to get more reads, but mistaking it as jealousy is not helping her so that is her lost. :woman_shrugging:

Yes I agree she clearly cares a lot about her stories and the thought of someone judging her makes her upset.

Is it bad that I think I know exactly who you’re talking about?


I swear, I’m not jealous that your story is problematic and offensive; it’s just constructive criticism!!! Please use it, it can help you out so that way you don’t make the same writing mistake in the future and you can learn from it. I don’t understand why authors take it as us just hating on them, oh well… :woman_facepalming:

I haven’t dmed any authors my opinion on their story though, but when I got sick of reading this ONE sotry that got too cliche with the stereotypical plot, characters, and otherwise: I just go “Y’know what? This story wasn’t even good anyways, why did I read that in the first place???” and just go play Brawl Stars or find another good story to read. :rofl:


I think I know who too hahaha

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