Author needed to write a story


@thewildwriter Hi I’m looking for a writer who would help me write for more delete Dm me


HEY! I’m sorry I have a bug so i can’t downlad Insta but id be happy to help! I’m everyone’s open writing partner!


omg thats great does email work




Email: (it’s not spam email)


great ill give u mine





Sounds cool! I’ll send you a verification email.


thanks you able to talk about it tonight like now :joy:


I’ve just dm you 6 hrs ago and you haven’t repsonded


Audrey! I sent an email :wink:


hey there r u finding a person with plots ??? well i do have but i dono how to write (i know m stupid if m saying this but its true) can i have ur email or something


Closing due to one month of inactivity :slight_smile: