Author Story Covers!


I wonder how each author makes their story covers look so real. I’ve seen many where authors have people holding each other for romance that’s not even a part of Episode’s animations list. I wanted to do one for another story I’m gonna write in the future. Does anyone have any ideas on what I should do?


There are people on the board and IG who do really impressive covers. However the really talented ones have a long waiting list or cost some money. However, I think it is the arts resources section you can visit and see if anyone is offering to make covers and ask them questions about their techniques. You can find them on IG but I cannot remember the pages offhand that do it. I know other people in the forum would know, so go to that section and ask there for recommended IG pages for Episode covers if you are interested.




You are welcome.


@EpisodeStudio would love to help (which I am part of).



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