Author updating but you can’t read the chapter

So yeah I’ve had a strange thing happen. Basically an author has updated their story, however, I’m getting the message; Author May or may not Update the story even though I haven’t read the chapter yet.

And yes I have already submitted a ticket but who knows how long it’ll take to solve it.

Anyway I’ve restarted my phone, phone and app is updated to the latest, cleared the cache, deleted the history, made more space on my phone, cursed under the sun and nothing. The app won’t let me read the latest chapter.

I was just wondering if anyone else has experienced a similar issue or is it just me?

I had the same issue when an author updated her story and I told her i couldnt get though so she send me a link but it didn’t work so i waited then it came out, I guessed when I refreshed the app.

How do you refresh the app? I’ve tried everything under the sun, deleted it, restarted my router, restarted my phone, cleared the cache and nothing. It’s not just one author, it’s for everyone who’s recently updating and it’s really frustrating as I can’t read people’s stories! Hope it gets solved before magicka or I won’t be able to read those too :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: