AuthorMDWrites Instagram pfp Competition

Hey guys, I need a pfp for my instagram.

To join you must:

  1. Use the code GlitchGame
    2.Have fun
    3.Don’t steal anyone’s artwork
    4.Add your own watermark.
    5.Deadline is 1st of April

The characters:


Body: Light
Brow: Seductive Arch
Hair: Fishtail Braid
Hair Colour: Platinum Blond
Eyes: Almond Luxe
Eye Colour: Blue
Face: Oval
Nose: Elven
Lips: Classic
Lip Colour: Crimson

Picture Just incase

You can do other outfits if you want.


Body: Copper 02
Brow:Round Thin High
Brow Colour: BlackJet
Hair: Long Straight Loose Bangs Sideswept
Hair Colour: Platinum Blond
Eyes: Deep Set False Lashes Smokey Eye
Eye Colour: Blue Aqua
Face: Diamond
Nose: Grecian Soft
Lips: Full Heart Pouty
Lip Colour: Black Gloss

Picture Just incase

You can do other outfits if you want.

People I have tagged:

@Rac5hel @Teahwalker @Silver_Shadow @ChayChay @Cassandra_Dean @Rowan2 @Bethany1 @anj @PerplexedJam @Maria.StoryWritter @Dark.Epy @KatieI @_Nasia @phlegmatic @TheCreepyNun @xApplex @Killerfrost @UltimaW @sofia2 @keiji @MysteryMaker @SophiaM @fcukforcookies @Queen_K @Toxic.Dreams @abygail.bauman @Jayl @talesbyrose @EVL.Daisy @Raybadem @estherdekker @Addivi101 @valeria.episode @lanafrazer_episode @Turtle_Cat

Tag any other people you think might be interested.


3 Art scenes/covers/pfp/splashes
spam of likes

Any questions let me know




Um… So we need to take our time to make a pfp, enter with our work, and also we have to follow you… It’s kinda… Weirdly unfair :woman_shrugging: What do we get out of this?


lemme change a few thing.

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I’m too busy but thanks for the tag

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I will try to enter, I am already backed up with some request. Thanks for the tag.

Ok thank you!

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Sorry got no time, thanks for the tag anyway

no problem

I’ll join.

I’m too busy at the moment, but I will join next week :slight_smile:

Oh okay, another person taking my list of tags.:joy::joy::joy: cough cough @Jayl cough cough.


Joining but I have to wait a few hours

I’m really busy at the moment but I’ll see if I have time.

Thanks for the tag :smile: I’m kinda busy at the moment so I probably won’t be abke to enter… Also, don’t got insta, sorry :sweat_smile:

GlitchGame. Joining. :heart_eyes:


Today is the deadline
Do you guys need more time on this???

Oh! I need a lot more time.

New deadline
1st of April so you have enough time to sort everything out

That sounds good.

Tag anyone who you think might be interested if you want to.