AuthorMDWrites Outline Contest #1

Hiya, I am doing an outline contest. I have done one before but it wasn’t very good. This time I have done it alot better.


  1. Don’t steel anyones artwork
  2. Don’t steel my outline
  3. Tag anyone you know would like to do the outline contest
  4. Have fun
  5. Deadline 3rd of January



My Example


The prizes will be announced at a later date. Enjoy


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Where’s the outline?:sweat_smile:

Just putting it up now :grin:

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I’d like to join

Of course

When is the deadline?

the 23rd of December so you have plenty of time

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Ok thanks :slight_smile:

@Maria.StoryWritter here’s one if you want to join.

Hope you like it.

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Of course my darling. :kissing_heart: Wow, that is amazing…

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Thank you :blue_heart:

I’d like to join! Can change the outline a little? It won’t be much different.

Yes you can change it a little.

Love it thanks :slight_smile:

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Here is my outline. I hope it’s ok I moved your watermark to the top.

I hope you like it


Aghhhhhhh love it :heart:

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It looks like you get better with every entry you do!:grin:

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Thanks. I have been trying. Soon I want to start learning how to do good outlines.

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