Authors' disappearances

Hi everyone! I’ve recently just noticed that 2 of my favourite authors, @evilrose.writes and @langdon.episode has suddenly vanished from their social media accounts (they deleted them :frowning_face:) Twitter and Instagram. Anyone knows what happened to them?
P.S: And there’s another writer, @ameliarosewriter (who had quite a disagreement with Episode in the past) is someone I’m also curious about her disappearance.


I don’t know about them, but they might have left. I don’t really know though. Sorry

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They probably left or are taking a break

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Some people are quite problematic…


I don’t know. I used to follow them on Instagram, but I unfollowed them months ago. I don’t know where they went :woman_shrugging:t4:

Apparently they’ve deactivated. Langdon said she’s gonna come back once she has Faking Death updates. Ebonni has a personal account but hasn’t said anything about episode :shower:


I’ve been actually wondering about @ameliarosewriter as well, hope everything’s okay with her. She hasn’t been on in a really long time

What’s her private account?

Let’s not give out and ask for authors’ personal accounts. Those are their personal accounts. They deactivated from the community so that should indicate that they’re not wanting to be involved in Episode at the moment. If they wanted y’all to have them, they would have given them out publicly. Respect people’s privacy. If they want to come back, they will.


OK, I understand. Besides Episode, they still have a normal life like the rest of us. I will not ask such inappropriate question again. Thanks for pointing my mistake out and thanks to everyone who was kind enough to reply to my question.