Authors glamorizing sexual assault and disorders?



We need to discuss topics that are thrown under the rug. It is currently 2am for my state area, and I started to grow bored. So I went on episode’s trending section to find a great read. One story instantly intrigued me because the cover and title were great. However, I just found a story about a step dad/daughter relationship, which the whole time lead to the man forcing himself on her and being manipulative. It disgusts me how people can get away with this shit. Sexual misconduct messes with you psychologically, and to see people glamorize it, and think it is hot how there is an older, dominate man manipulating you? HOW CAN ANYONE GET AWAY WITH THAT?
So me (being bitter) decided to check the fanmail. Every freaking loved the dad’s and daughter’s “relationship”. Like WHAT THE ACTUAL HELL! Does no one see anything wrong with this? It’s not cute, it’s not hot, and certainly not ROMANTIC. All it is, is fucking gross.
And I know episode has a “be nice policy”, but stories that include the glamorizing of non consent deserve it.
Do you agree or am I just crazy?
Thankfully my blunt personality let’s me have the voice I have to say something about this.
Does anyone else want to add something?

Guys… look what I just found in the fan mail of the story


I agree with you 100%.
Most episode readers are young or haven’t experienced that kind of stuff so by how the author describes it they think it’s totally normal. Or some people get distracted by the “hot scene” to realise it’s misconduct. :roll_eyes:
Haven’t been in that specific situation but have been in abusive/manipulative relationships and it really fucking sucks and can take a toll on someone but these stories blind people to that. So annoying.

Name and shame the story perhaps? I don’t want to accidentally come across this story or even waste tickets/give them ad revenue for it.


I also think stories like that aren’t okay. I mean, if the step dad/daughter relationship is normal, so no manipulating and all that, then it’s okay, because love is love but as you described it, it definitely isn’t.

I have to admit that I haven’t seen a story like this on episode, but they should do something about it.


Agreed. I haven’t seen one of those stories either, but I do see a lot of people complaining about these types of stories, so there’s no doubt they exist.

I really think there should be some kind of security when minors try to read a story that has content like this. We all see so many stories about gangs, pregnancies between students/teachers (or other people with this kind of relation) and although most authors do warn about it, I don’t think it’s enough. I just read a poll with about 150 responses and out of those 150, a little over 50% were aged 13-17. A few days back, I also saw an author (whose stories are mostly gang stories with quite violent content) do a poll to see how old her readers were. Again, around 55% were under 18 years old and I was honestly in shock. In the comment section, a lot of 11-12-13 year old girls wrote that they loved her stories etc. Some of them even began commenting things like “whatever happened to mature 11-year olds?” which had my jaw dropping. I do know that some 11-year old are more mature than others, but 11-year olds reading gang stories where people kill each other, beats up each other and kidnaps other people? If this was my kid and I found out they could read these stories just like that? I would be furious. Really furious.


I completely agree with you, I have dropped many stories just because of that. Most readers are young teenagers and they should not be exposed to that showing them that that is ‘Okay’ because it is NOT OKAY!!! It is sad because most of the people who write stories are in their higher teenage years and are adults, and most of them KNOW their age range. But still are writing those completely disgusting inappropriate scenes knowing that children will be reading it. :pensive:



With disorders part Ik many of the readers out there including me suffer alot from them. Alot of us red stories that promote self-harm and some follow through with it. Episode has clearly stated that a story shouldn’t promote self-harm, and that if there is self-harm shown it show how bad it affects the person in a somewhat good way and how this is not a good thing to do. If the author shows Mental Health with disorders and all of that in a way that is true but does not promote bad things I think it is ok for the Episode readers/Episodians to read


I agree. I think stories that are published by users can be occasionally messed up. I recently saw a story about a dad and daughter the description was like “Pregnant by my dad, do I abort or keep the baby” WHAT THE ACTUAL FFFF! I reported the story but who knows if it will actually be looked over. The fact that people were reading it is so messed up. I think the episode needs to go over their content guidelines, but then again, here they are publishing things that are against their own guidelines so I don’t even know.


I completely agree with you. There are many younger readers who read these things, and then they are under the false pretense that it is completely fine for this to happen. Uh, NO? That’s not how this works. While there are the few mature younger readers, those are almost nonexistent. So many people underage read Episode, only to be exposed to all of this. Hell, I bet most of the young girls who read this haven’t even gone to high school.

Can I take a guess at what the story was? I’m guessing The Heat Inside. I didn’t even get through the first episode of that, it was horrible.


It’s kinda disappointing how naive kids are now days. I’m thirteen but have been opened up to thing and expirenced situations that made me how I am today.


Whether or not stories are appropriate for a reader definitely have to go into consideration, even if many are mature. For example, I’m pretty sure I was watching Game of Thrones around eleven, and my parents were okay with it, I was mature enough to understand what I was watching.
A big part of THAT is that I realized that a lot of what I was seeing was NOT okay.

In the same vein - a lot of the readers on this app DON’T realize a lot of the time, that what they are reading is wrong. And it’s not good.
It’s not healthy or safe to be teaching (mostly) young girls that these things are okay. Romanticizing gangs/mafias, teacher/student relationships, toxic relationships, etc. And this doesn’t all fall on the readers, of course! The authors are promoting it too. By portraying these themes in a ‘good’ or ‘romantic’ light, it’s spreading that idea to their readers. And that’s not okay.

On the topic of glamorizing sexual assault and toxic relationships - I was/am (writer’s block) planning on writing a story that flipped that idea on its head. So many authors write teacher/student stories and say it’s okay, when in reality, it’s quite toxic, and the teacher is being manipulative. College is a different story, but most of these stories take place in high school. The teacher is in a position of power, the student is not.
Well. I went a little of topic, but still, it was my plan to write a story that showed these relationships for what they really are. Just got to find some inspiration!


ew ew ew, I hate every story that has so any reads but is complete trash, IT ISNT HOT WHAT DONT PEOPLE GET, ALPHA MALES ARENT SEXY, FORCING YOURSELF ON ANYONE ISNT ROMANTIC IT MAKES ME FEEL UNCOMFORTABLE TO WATCH AND//OR WATCH, I was recently watching Insatiable on netflix, there’s this bit with a guy which has a badboy stereotype, you feel uncomfortable and i hate it so muchhhhh, anyway kool rant byeeeeee


It’s “The Heat Inside”
I know fans are going to “kill” me but that story disgusts me. What if someone that just expirenced sexual abuse/rape or more came across it? I’ve expirenced sexual assault and it brought back some memories. And just to think some people even got worse than what happened to me? Like how can some look up that this kind of stuff and think it’s fucking hot?


Omg lol, I’ve seen that story floating around but the summary alone was cringey to me and I also realised that I had tried reading another of her stories a long time ago and it was also a male dominant story who was controlling and emotionally abusive. Along with the fact that all the fan mail is asking for sex sex sex and she must be doing what they’re asking for. I’m starting to think she doesn’t even realise what she is writing…


ew wtffffff


I saw that story and reported it a while ago, but I’m not sure Episode is going to do anything about it since they think that stories like IMB are ok to release. I agree with you, that story is disgusting and really cringeworthy, starting with the summary alone. I’m tired of writers on this app using sexual assault as a dumb plot device and an excuse for more sex.

I didn’t see anyone speaking of this here so I’ll go ahead and bring it up: I’m also tired of seeing male characters being stripped off their right to refuse any sexual activity. I’ve seen stories where male characters get stalked by their obsessive ex to the point where she’ll break into his house, hide in his room in their underwear to try and “surprise him”, and blackmail him into sleeping with them. I’m talking straight up blackmail and disregard for his feelings with the only reason being “I know you want this anyway”. Can we just acknowledge how wrong that is for a second? And don’t even get me started with the “hot” female teacher sleeping with a teenage male student thing. Boys already have it really hard when it comes to speaking out about their experience with sexual assault (especially if the person who molested them is considered “hot” by most), even if they were underage when it happened ! We don’t need that kind of mentality to be drilled into young teenagers’ minds more than it is already…

I remember seeing someone in the Living with the Vampire Brothers fan thread saying something along the lines of: “I love this character (even though he tried raping the MC once)”
And everyone then brushed it off like it was nothing! These girls are fawning over a rapist and thinking it’s ok… and it sincerely worries me.


Danke! I hate how men and boys getting assaulted is almost unacceptable to talk about. There’s so many boys who expirenced rape and are scared to say something without society responding that “it’s not a big deal because all men are sex hungry anyways”.
Like what the hell? Not all men want sex constantly, and even if some do, that doesn’t give women and men to right to rape, or let alone sexually assualt them.
And there’s so many rapist women roaming freely, because there’s literally little to no proof to prove rape done by women. Like does our generation want to set an example that women can get away with rape? Hell no!
Or even when rape victims speak out, people still support the supposed rapist.
Like the Melanie/Timothy situation. I’ve saw some fan comment something along the lines of
“Even if she did rape Timothy, I’ll still support her, and all of you that don’t are fake fans!”
Like what the fuck! No they are not “fake fans” they’re people with common sense, to not support a rapist.
Like shit, people who comment stuff like that make me wonder how many times they were dropped as a baby.


I hate this type of shit so much, you’re amazing


I haven’t read The Heat Inside but I have seen it on the trending page


Welp, that’s one story a garbage person would write and one less story to be sore on my eyes. :confused:


I like how no one mentions Adrenaline and how disgusted I was to the point of supporting criticism against Evil Ebonni.

She made one of the antagonists, Clive, almost sexually assault Liane (the MC), and in the second season, the author tried to “redeem” (gross gross gross) him by revealing he was actually gay and bullied by his family/others.

Turned me off so fast from the story: not that it’s honestly progressive as people make it out to be. No representation of trans people and female love interests are treated like afterthoughts.

She even released sexualized merchandise of Clive too, and defended him by some bullshit excuse of “oh I wish I didn’t write him like that cuz that’s not who he really is” and that he’s gay, therefore that’s enough to defend him. That basically just adds on to the topic that she sexualized a damn RAPIST.

Of course, Adrenaline stans defended Clive too. Not a surprise, the fanbase is freakin’ horrible. Attempting to sexually assault someone DOES define who you are, and you shouldn’t have depicted attempted sexual assault if you knew jack shit about portraying it tastefully.

Sorry Adrenaline fans. Nothing against you, and I’m not saying not to enjoy the story. I read it myself, but have a mountain of criticism that would get me flamed on Insta or social media (maybe even here). BUT if you defend Clive, you’re straight up trash as well. Being gay and self loathing will ever excuse that abhorrent behavior. I am not gonna just keep quiet if you’re defending garbage, and the author should be ashamed of herself for defending him.

Also this is a good @ to almost all popular or mostly featured stories doing this shit. Like, just stop.