Authors glamorizing sexual assault and disorders?



I always hated Clive, even when he died I was surprised by the amount of people who felt bad


I’ve never read that story, but danke for speaking out. I’ll make sure to never read it.


i forgot clive tried to do that yikes


Sad part is that it was an above average story, and that all of a sudden around season 2, the author decided it’d be good to turn him into a tragic character.

I never felt so turned off from a story that fast.


all of my favs are never scrub clean :frowning:
i guess u pick ur poison fr


Yeaaaaah, I have a few problematic authors I read. And their issues are unfortunately not close to comparable to Ebonni writing/defending a rapist.


Isn’t that by the same author who wrote DJ: The Tension :nauseated_face::nauseated_face::nauseated_face::nauseated_face:


I agree with you completely but I’d just like to say it’s been debunked that Timothy was lying (w/ proof if you look for it.)

Whoever said that is awful & mindless but it is important to give everyone a fair chance always or it’ll never be a safe space to talk about for anyone.


I’m personally on neither side, I was just using it as a general example. Sorry if I worded it to make it seem I accused either of them with anything.


This is definitely a massive issue which needs to be dealt with. Not only is it against the guidelines, but it also sends out the wrong kind of message for all those young readers on the app. I’m sick and tired of seeing this kind of thing, frankly.

If you want a decent, realistic portrayal of that kind of thing that condemns predatory relationships, check out The Girl Upstairs by @Talu


No worries! It just appeared one sided & I feel like those things should be addressed when concerning certain topics.

Pertaining to this topic though, I applaud you for speaking up. A lot of people wouldn’t just because they don’t care or are afraid of/don’t want to deal with what might come from it. But the reality is it’s not just online “fantasy” stories; it’s real life. The normalization of these odd, disgusting, despicable instances/behaviors/things starts with these stories & programs then ends with regret. There’s only so much we can do but at least we can lead by example & speak out. After all, we don’t start life knowing how to crack every code… We learn & demonstrate.


This is disturbing and just straight up FREAKY. It’ll make kids think that rape is ok and it’s not. I know episode won’t do anything about it unless it gets a lot of backlash. This story should be deleted but it most likely won’t. Sad how the author published in the first place and thought it was fine.




Glamorizing sexual assault is so disgusting. It’s something that occurs to people we run into every day and even those in goddamn Hollywood. It’s traumatizes people for years and when they finally admit what happened, they’re either barely believed or called liars. I have no problem with featuring sexual assault and illness in stories as long as it’s done appropriately and respectfully. NOT as a plot device. NOT to shock the readers. NOT for fun.


I know I’m late to the party and yes, I 100% agree with you on this topic. I’ve noticed that there are stories on Episode where they have glorified step dad & daughter relationships and it’s disgusting. There are other authors and readers out there that would find it very triggering. Every child needs a father figure but not in a predatory way. Also, it does enable paedophilia in a way.


Preach it, sista! Glad that I dodged the bullet of that story since I’ve noticed how boring it was after I read the first chapter. Honestly, it’s sickening how there’s idiots defending criminals just because they find them “hot”.


Nice to see other people that care about men’s rights. It’s sickening that we live in a gynoccentric society where women get away with crimes they have commit. Angers me that there are some guys who say stuff like “Where were these teachers when I was in high school?” when a younger boy or guy gets raped by a female teacher. That’s disgusting! These men who have been victimised by women must have been traumatised from these painful events and it’s sickening how there’s men out there being discouraging by telling them stuff like “She’s hot though, you should be grateful.” It breaks my heart hearing guys that have been raped by women because people are so dismissive when it comes to men.
Man I wasn’t too sure if that story was real because I have heard from others that Timothy was lying and some people think that Melanie actually raped her. I really don’t like Melanie Martinez because I find her music boring but I find her fanbase cringy since they like to defend rapists.