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Here is my story to start things off!

Title: (Un)Eligible Bachelor
Author: Days
Instagram Username: @days.episode
Description: Lalit’s wedding day’s memorable for all the wrong reasons as he runs away and never looks back. He begins to enjoy the bachelor life but a kind stranger may change that.

What makes my story stand out?

SLOWBURN ROMANCE - the romance in the story isn’t the overriding theme of the story, I focus on a lot of issues such as family drama, friendships, dealing with emotional turmoil and I manage to keep it light hearted when necessary.

MALE MC - he is non customisable so that may be something a few people may not enjoy but I hope that the ones who do not mind will enjoy this story regardless. It is a story with a young Indian male MC and I do explore his culture too.

EDUCATIONAL & FULL OF DIVERSITY - quite a few people who have read the story have mentioned how much they learned from reading the story too which is always encouraging! I hope you get to learn a thing or too here. The story has many people from various diverse backgrounds and I try my best to represent them the best that I can :heart::pleading_face:

ADVANCED DIRECTING AND COMEDY - I put a lot of work and effort into my story, I put in tappable overlays, text overlays, limb overlays and now I’m tired of the word of overlays but you get the idea. Also, I’ve got 2 years worth of experience of directing so now I’m comfortable with doing advanced directing! Also, I’m sarcastic as hell as are my characters :joy:

Here are some screenshots giving you a flavour of the story:

Ideally follow this structure (or a story card works):

Instagram username (if you’ve got one):

See if you can also recommend some cool stories to people here too!

Here are some personal recommendations to help start off:

CYBER by Vivi
Break Even by KindledKay
Guide Me Home by Charcee
Back to Basics by FluffyRice
My Ouija Boyfriend by MySoxLikeToParty


Hi! You could give my story a try. :slight_smile:

Title: Unconditionally (FULL CC, CM)

Author: Pragya

Description: Sass-Queen, Almeira looks at love like it’s a plague. Will her arch-nemesis, Asher’s return change that? Does she have it in her to love someone unconditionally? (Rom-com, CC, LL, Choices Matter)

There is one Main LI, so more scenes w him by default. I also have a secondary LI basically for people who like reading stories w more than one LI. But he is only secondary in the sense that most scenes w him will totally be depended upon your choices :slight_smile:

Genre: Romance/Rom-com



Complete/Incomplete: 13 Chapters (Ongoing)

Instagram: @pragya.episode



This is mine

Reveal: The Privileged Prestige

Prestige’s time-traveling ability is deemed useful during an investigation of a suspicious event. Will her mission be put at risk, thanks to an intriguing stranger from the 2000s?

  • drama

IG is @abinaya.writes and Episode name is Abinaya


Here’s my story: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Title: Squad:Roadtrip
Genre: Horror (includes mystery and romance,although you won’t be forced to be romantic with anyone if you don’t want to)
Style: Limelight
IG username: may.i.writeepisode

This was supposed to be a short road trip into the woods with your old high school squad, but the place wants you to stay and uncover ALL it’s gory secrets.

Some features:

  • LGBTQ+
  • 6 LI’s (male & female)
  • choose your sexuality
  • point system
  • Very important choices!
  • CC


Some screenshots

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Thank you for this thread! Do give my story a try, who knows you might like it :blush:

Title : Bullet to the Heart
Author : Eeviee
Genre : Drama/Action/Romance
Episodes : 20 (updates weekly)
Description :
Two broken souls lost trust and beliefs in true love. What will happen if someone were to open up your heart once more, and that person happens to be your target? [1 LI, LL, CC, Art Scenes]

Instagram : @eeviee.stories
Link :

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Title: Reveal : Scorn Heir
Author: line123462
Description: After a tragedy befalls the royal family, you’re forced to take the throne. Faced with challenges to your legitimacy and ghosts from the past, will you crumble under the pressure?
Instagram username (if you’ve got one): line123462

Thankyou for this thread
Title- Memory Lost
Author- Tessa
Description- Lyle lost her memory while saving another person and her bravery turns the spotlight onto her…Little does she know, there’s someone watching her from the shadow.
CC,2 endings,1LI
Instagram- @tessa.epii

Thank you for this thread @Days :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Title: Secrets from Hell
Author: WNVT
Description: With the help of her odd family, uncovering generations of secrets and lies has become DG’s life mission. Can she protect the ones she has left or will she lose everyone she loves?
Instagram username: wnvt.epi

Reasons If you love stories mostly focused in family, that address real life issues, with action and drama to the mix, here is a story for you

Blind Date from ColeCatalyst
Blackbird from Licorice
One of the Girls, Pick your Poison and By the Book
Loving me from @Jewel_s
Thick as Thieves by Spiegel.TheMirror is one of my biggest favourites, but I am not sure if Spiegel has it locked for revamp.

Bad Girls from Nia
Reveal Entries recs on my Highlights on Insta

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Thank you very much for this thread! It would mean a lot to me if anyone could give my story a try :white_heart:
My IG is @annaw.stories :blush:

Title: Chasing Stars
Author: @annaw.stories
Genre: Drama/Romance
Episodes: Currently 4, more coming soon
Description: Having a celebrity brother sounds fun, doesn’t it?
Can you keep up with all the drama around him and most importantly, can you stay away from his hot best friend?

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Thank you for this thread :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

These are mine if you fancy giving them a try -


Drama - Available in Ink & Limelight


Description: She’s trying to move on but worried about never being able to forget. Can she learn to live again or will it always haunt her? Fresh starts & old faces, nothing’s ever simple!

CC: Yes! Limited for MC and LI’s but full CC for other supporting characters. (CC is optional too, if you prefer not to :kissing_heart:)

Chapters: 30 (Complete).


That One Moment

RomCom - Limelight


Description: Alina works hard & plays hard, with no time for distractions. One kiss gets, the queen of composure, wrapped up in a web of lies and deceit, always coming back to that one moment.

CC: Yes, limited for the MC & LI.

Chapters: 12 (ongoing).


The links for all my stories is here -

For more details and sneak peeks, check out my Instagram :kissing_heart:@kiki.writes.things

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Hey, Thank you so much for doing this :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::heart: :heart:

Title: Reveal: Sealed with a Kiss
Genre: Drama, Romance, Mystery
Episodes: 3 (more coming soon)
Description: Working as a criminal lawyer, Aria is more than happy with her normal life. What‘ll happen when she gets thrown into a world full of glitz and glamour overnight?
Instagram: @tsukino.creates


The Best Stories Are Worth Sharing: Reveal: Sealed with a Kiss

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Hey Lovelies!
Hope you give my story a read
And I’m up for r4r too
Message me if you’re up fot r4r
And do share your honest opinion in my fan mail
Thankyou :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
Title: The unseen diaries
By: Mansha
Instagram: mansha.writes
Genre: fantasy/ Thriller
Episodes: 4
Style: limelight
Description: Creatures of unspeakable unseen horror lurk beneath the town Lakeville as a teenage girl Kate Devon fights them. Love and dangers are part of this town
Cc available, 2 LI


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**Hi! **

**I have recently released a new story and wanted to get my reads up! **

Go check it out…details below;

Title: The Drug In Me Is YOU
Author name: Mel
Genre: Romance
Style: Limelight
Chapters: 9 (more coming soon)
Story description: What happens when a sudden tragedy strikes you? You cross paths with an old fling. But worst of all…someone is watching you.
Customization: Full CC for MC and LI


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If you’re into murder mysteries, you should check out my story :two_hearts:

Instagram: @epi.sam.writes

Title: The Art of Criminal Profiling

Genre: Mystery

Style: Limelight

Chapters: 4 and more coming soon

Can Valentina, a successful FBI agent, decode a series of bone chilling mysteries before it’s too late? If not, she may just lose everything and everyone she cares about.

Full customization other than not being able to change the MC’s skin color. Both LIs are fully customizable.

There are numerous point systems with choices that matter.

Mini games and sound are incorporated into the story.

Hope you check it out :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

The Best Stories Are Worth Sharing: The Art of Criminal Profiling

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hi! would anyone like to do a read for read? just pm me!

title: Little Lies
genre: romance/drama
chapters: 8 (ongoing)
description: So, you’ve fallen for your best friend’s brother. But what happens when she forbids you from dating him? Can you keep this little lie?
chapters: 8 so far, more coming!
insta: els.episode

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Your story looks interesting and you’ve got a lovely cover so would you be interested in doing a R4R?


I just posted my new story it’s called " Maddly Deeply" and it’s in limeligh. I hope some of you will give it a try!

“ Smart, beautiful and resourceful. These are the tools that were placed in Reese’s hands in order to survive. Her precious treasure. But she lacks one last essential one: to live.”


I’ve actually heard about your story from a friend and I’ve started reading it - I’m gonna hopefully finish it off soon :heart::heart:

Oh really?? That’s so niice, thanks!

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tyy for thisss

Title : Disingenuous
Genre: Comedy, Mystery, Drama
Description: A crime you didn’t commit? Turns out rehab isn’t the answer. A corrupt boarding school? Deadly rumors and dark scandals. Welcome to Furgwood, I guarantee you won’t enjoy your stay
Cover: cover

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