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Hey, so i have seen many people creating threads about how much hate authors receive from their stories bc it’s ‘toxic’ or the same old ‘trope/cliché’ is being used. Yes, promoting toxicity in stories is extremely wrong and inappropriate! Authors shouldn’t have to write in such awful ways that offend others, and the fact they’re advertising horrendous relationships between characters for various age groups. I understand and clearly state myself that it’s incorrect!

However, something which bothers me is that I’ve realised that many people have started to hate more and more on stories which utilise the same trope, I get that it’s gets boring and a complete nuisance to some. But, if you don’t like it, don’t read it!! No one is obliging you to read them. You clearly have an option to read or not! Just try to avoid them and I know that it can be difficult as there are many. Though, you should understand that there are others who relish these types of stories - even if it’s overused again and again! We all see how writers put in a lot of effort to create these stories, and many do it as a hobby. Along with your hate, you don’t know how terrible you make them feel and what is going on outside their life. You’re basically adding on weight, and pressurising authors just bc the stories is not up to your preferences.

Also, mafia has become a huge issue, and yeah it’s extremely toxic. But, how much you rant on about it, it won’t change a thing, unless episode actually take action - which if they were, would have by now! So please, be respectful and stop going on and on about it. If someone wants to make a story about a bad boy and an innocent girl. They are free to do so, you can’t judge them. Just don’t read their story, then! It’s so simple, just look out and avoid these repetitive stories.

Alright so, now that I’ve made this thread, I’m not lurking for hate in any shape or form. I just wanted to make it clear, how rude and annoying it is for people to hate on stories. If you don’t like an aspect of it, kindly suggest to the author their faults and give feedback in a nice way, which would make it easier for you and the author to negotiate. Bc yk just a few words, can have such bad effects on people!

Thank you!! :dizzy:


I completely agree! Instead of sending hate mail, we should send constructive criticism. Anyways, well put! :raised_hands:


It depends. Maybe that bad boy is toxic…as readers and writers we are responsible for what we put out.

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Yes we are, but that’s not my point!! Authors still have a choice to decide their stories.


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