Authors! What are some fun behind the scenes facts about your stories!

It can be anything! How a group of code works, names that were considered for characters but never used, entire plot points that were left on the cutting room floor, ect ect.


I don’t know if I’m the only one that does this but I have like a layout :heart_hands:

@zoom reset
@speechbubble reset

&character stands screen x
&character faces x
&characrer is x
@character changes into x

@transition fade in

Does anyone else do this?

  • The third protagonist of my story (Deza) is adopted. She has two dads–one from the planet Martwium, another from the planet Stetyca–and they chose a Stetycan name for her.

  • I have some scenes where the spot directing is a massive paragraph of code :tired_face:.

  • I discovered how to make overlays move across the screen (the drones in Episode 1) by accident when I forgot to add a time for them to reset–best mistake ever!

  • I make a cameo in my story as a cashier. My avatar screams, “Ah, humans!” and drops to the floor. My in-game reaction is what I want to do when cashiering :weary:.

  • I do indeed have an octopus plushie like the one used in the store scene (Episode 2).


I change my MC name at least 7 times because I just knew it wasnt right lol, all the other names were so easy but hers. She was Lara, Peyton, Alex, Alyssa, etc etc, ridiculous.


why is tis me or their looks ! :sob::sob::sob:

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i always code line by line and at the end of the episode when i go and preview the whole thing i just compress it into 1 line. it’s super satisfyingly to watch


I don’t know…

I like to code a whole scene in just one line… (like &Char spot xyz and CHAR faces right and Char2 spot xyz and CHAR2 faces left) and so on…

plus, sometimes I just don’t know what I am writing (it happens mostly in romantic parts and I end up writing something toooooo s*xy and clingy and then when I preview it, it always makes me laugh :sob: :sob: :joy:

and yeah… ofc I cut that scene afterwards… and then write something normal and casual


I cringe reading my own story, I wanna complain the author then I remember I am the author lol :joy::new_moon_with_face:


I found out I am a perfectionist, even in the most ridiculous way. :clown_face: And always discover directing-mistakes or spelling-mistakes, the moment I published episodes of my stories. :woman_facepalming: :laughing: :laughing:


I run an entire scene in my head before typing it to make sure it’s perfect


My imperfect heiress story is based on true story after I read the news about it to be made as a web comic (exaggerated it and twisted it to fiction).
Illustration studio that I worked with like the story, improved it, and we tried to sell it to web comic platform, but they prefer fantasy instead of mystery. So the rights of the story back to me.
Then I wrote another story, Secret Wings as an alternative for fantasy (we had 3 to offer). But at the time I wrote for Secret Wings, my freelance contract was done lol.
Few years later, I rewrite both of the stories for Episode.


I read my stories many many times, but still found some mistakes after I published it :upside_down_face: :joy_cat:


Omg same :sweat_smile:

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I will legit meticulously customize all my background characters and give them outfits pertaining to the scene because extraterrestrials don’t look like default characters.


I only cried three times while coding the inventory system for my current work in progress, so I think it’s going well.

In the story, you’ll be able to purchase useful items in cities (using in-story currency only; it will remain free of gem choices, as with all of my previous stories) and will be able to visit a menu between chapters, where you can view what you have and change your equipped items. There’s also going to be a combat mini game, which is mostly magic-based in order to stay within Episode’s guidelines.

I learned how to use Blender just so I could make the assets I need for the new story.


that sounds amazing!! i plan to make an open world kind of like story on episode. i mainly use Daz3D but I plan on learning to use Unreal Engine 5 and only when I think of the point system, the gains etc i almost get a panic attack lol


I’m good at finding errors AFTER publication!!!


I was absolutely stunned by the animations in Zero (by Josie Jackson) and the way the magic overlays blended really well.

Also this is not off topic.

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For my published story Vicious Fate:

  • I wrote and coded the first three episodes in under two weeks. I think it was just a week, actually.

  • It was for the Reveal contest, which I hadn’t heard about until the week I began writing it.

  • One of the characters, Kozo, is based on a person I dreamed of once that has stuck with me for years.


Oof, I love these kinds of threads!

  • My story happened because one night, my best friend and I were joking around about tropes we were tired of seeing in stories, and how we could reverse them. Before we knew it, we had a plot and a few characters.

  • My friend and I came up with the idea for chapter 6 after she discovered that there was a soundtrack on the portal called ‘music_zen’. Since one of my characters is named Zen, listening to that track inspired the whole restaurant scene. Except for the knife-throwing part… her boyfriend actually gave us that idea.

  • Asher, the love interest, eats cereal straight out of the box without milk, and Cheez-Its with hot sauce because I eat those things.

  • Daniela, the main character, is a huge 60s soul music enthusiast. When I was in high school, I was really into old school R&B and soul music, so I incorporated it into my character.

  • In chapter 9, Asher shows Daniela a song he’ wrote called Richest Man Alive. I actually got inspired by the song Rich and Sad by Post Malone, and just went and changed the lyrics to fit the melody.

  • Episode hasn’t given us cats, but I wanted my LI to have a cat, so I learned how to animate a cat gif so I could make the adorable kitty in my story look real.