Automatic Print-out Character Points?

Is there any way that automatically print out the character point at the end of the chapter?

I know I can manually hard-code it like counting all possible character point and put if (MAIN = 1){}elif (MAIN = 2){}else{} etc.

But that is way too naive way of coding.

I have discovered the way of automatic printing out the Character Points.

  1. In portal, preview the story with Line by Line mode.
  2. Put some logic commands/dialogues with your target character. For example, if it is MAIN, put
    if (MAIN = 1) {} blablabla
  3. Check the Helper Readout below the preview window. You can find the number of the character you want. Like, for me, it will read expr (5179203829039104 = 1) = 1
  4. That means, the computer identifies your character by 5179203829039104
  5. Use that as the point. i.e.
    Character Point= [5179203829039104]

Preview again, and see the magic!

(Check the step by step Tutorial Here: HOW TO: Show character points WITHOUT if/elif/else - the simpliest method 😍 , Farah_DeSantis kindly wrote it)


I don’t think there is another way than if/elif/else.

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There is a way
I have got it yessss

LOL an here I go with my 60 if/elif/else statement at the end of each chapter.:smiley:
I have to test this right away!

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This is really cool and it’s awesome how you figured this out! You should change the title of this thread so everyone can know it’s a tutorial thread


BUMP!!! You’re a hero :heart_eyes: :clap:t3: :clap:t3:


@athoynilima this is very awesome, God bless you :heart_eyes: I haven’t been able to go on the web previewer for quite a few months because my computer gets all glitchy (it’s very old and I’m afraid it might crash :sweat_smile: ) so I can only test on the app. Can you do this on the app as well? :blob_sun:

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You cannot write story in app anymore. But, if you already have your story written through the web portal, and it has some if (MAIN= 5) type of commands, you can try previewing in the create story tab in your app. The readouts are previewed on the screen if you read your own story that way, if I am correct.

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Nevermind, I found a way to find the number without coding it :joy:

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That’s Brilliant!!!

Yes, Apparently they are the same number.

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