Available writing partner!

hihi! I’m available if anyone needs help with a story!
Some main things I focus on:

  • Character design/ development
  • story telling
  • some coding as well

feel free to ask me any questions!

hi, that would very much be appreciated since I’m new to the whole episode author thing.

I could definitely use the help

Great! Please dm me for more info about your story, or if you are starting one.

I’d be happy to help! Please dm me for more info, and ask any questions you’d like

I really need someone to help me, it’ll be really appreciated if anyone tried to help.

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Hi! I’d be happy to help you! If you could dm me for more info on what you need help with, that’s be great.

Plz help me I’m new and don’t know anything about how to make a story

omg i was in search for a writing partner! i know you already have some replies but i have a bunch of ideas and in need of a friend to help!

Hi! Most of the other people haven’t gotten back to me, but I’d love to help! I’m away from my computer for a few days but until then we can talk abt ideas!

Sounds great!

Please check your mail!