✨ Ava's Help Thread! ✨

Hi everyone! I’m Ava, and welcome to my help thread! I thought having a list of helpful links and threads for new people would be handy! These are threads that have personally helped me, and I hope they can help you too! Also if anyone knows of any other helpful sites and threads please let me know as I would be happy to add them :blush:. The same goes for questions! Please ask, or feel free to dm me! If I don’t know, I’ll find out for you! :heart: :rose:

A. What does bumping mean?
Bumping is when you type bump on a thread in order to ‘bump’ it to the top of the forums, meaning more people will see it :heart:
B. How do I create a topic?
To create a topic, click the plus button on the home page, and categorize your thread into the right topic
C. What is flagging?
Flagging is when you mark a comment and or thread as content that violates the guidlines
D. How do I Dm someone?
To dm someone (also called pm) click on someone’s icon, then click message
E. How to use the drop down arrow?
When responding, click on the gear in the upper right hand corner. Then click hide details.
F. How to blur text?
*When responding, click the gear in the upper right hand corner, then click hide spoiler. G. What is the cake next to someone’s name?
That cake means it is someone’s birthday :partying_face:
H. Why do some people have episode community member next to their name?
This just means that they are from the old forums.
I. How do I type in all caps?
To type in all caps you should write your message and follow the steps to blur your text, but delete the text that says “this text will be blurred.”

Links for spot directing

Links for remembering choices

How to use overlays

Links for zones and panning

Links for transitions

Links for choices

A lot of people like to have custom made cover art, overlays, backgrounds or art scenes! Here is a list of open shops and some other resources! But first, common art questions.

1. What is an art shop?
A thread where people provide art for your stories, generally for free!
2. What is a splash?
A splash is the image you see in a story that says, “This story contains strong language/ content” or “turn up your volume”
3. What are small and large covers?
A small cover is the cover you see before clicking on the story, a large cover is the one that shows up as you are about to click the play button
4. What is thread hopping?
Thread hopping is asking for the same piece of artwork from two different shops. Unless one of the shops denies your request.


You took such an effort to help so many new writers just amazinggggg :scream::heart_eyes::heart: Thankyou so much for this from all new authors :heart:


Thank you so much for is amazing and your so sweet for doing this :heartpulse:


First of all, Thank you so much for this thread, this is very helpful :heart::heart::sparkling_heart::gift_heart::two_hearts:

I was dying for this question :tired_face: Thanks for clearing it up!


I’m so glad it helped you out! I actually didn’t know this myself for a while, I had to look it up lol :rofl:

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Aww thank you! It’s no problem. :heart: :rose:


Thank you :pleading_face:


Thank you so so so so much u took such a effort and helped us :kissing_heart: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: . For this answers I was going to make a topic :laughing: :laughing:. Ur so so so so amazing :blob_hearts: :blob_hearts:

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Thank you! I’m new at the forums and this was really helpful!

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Awww :pleading_face:

Yay! First of all welcome!!! I’m so glad this was able to help you out :blush:

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Oh God! Help
This is my story btw, I’m on a second user to try and read it. BUT THIS POPPES UP

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That’s really weird! Are their any errors in your script?

Also, what is the name of your story? I’ll try playing it on my phone and find out if it works or not. Maybe it’s not a widespread issue. :thinking: :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Hi! Sorry, I have totally forgot to check for answers! :joy: The story’s name is Each Others Solution. It works now btw. I think heh

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No problem! glad it got cleared up :joy:

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