Avatar Creator Feature and Family Members

Hi all! I can’t find an answer to this anywhere so i figured I’d ask the community myself.

In one of my stories I’m using the avatar creator method for all my (main) characters, because it doesn’t take up a ton of coding space and because it’s visually pleasing.

But, for characters who aren’t as important (like family members that you never see), I don’t want to make my readers customize them if they aren’t a significant character. How would I set these characters to have the same skin and hair color as the family member the reader did create in the avatar creator feature?

I understand how to do it if I had used a template to create the characters but i’m not sure how to do it if the avatar creator feature is used.

Thank you, and please help!

https://docs.google.com/document/d/1MuQ3NCd4B6M2klMN0AGYGUhk4zSSHIwHMWtcepGxnsA/edit?usp=sharing with this template by dara

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