Avatar Customization - Why more than one?

Just thinking, while I am working on my first story… I decided to put the avatar customization template into my story… When I opened, I saw there are many options like Avatar - Limelight Female 1, 2, 3, 4 and soo onn… Why doesn’t only one exists here? Why more than one avatar customization for male and female?? I hope you’re understanding what I mean to say here?Screenshot 2020-11-20 110919


I just cant understand what this is :exploding_head:

Ugh… It’s getting hard to express…
I mean to say that,
I want to customize my female character. When I am looking for in the script templates,
I can see many categories for Female Avatar Customization. For example, Avatar - Limelight Female1, Avatar - Limelight Female2, Avatar - Limelight Female3 and so on.

So my question is,
Is there any kind of difference in between them?? I am getting confused which one to use.
Because I see that the only difference in between them is separated by numbers 1,2, 3, 4,5,6.

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it’s to avoid from duplicating multiple cc templates of a character(s) (the script would show an error because of it.) :eyes:
hope it make sense because I’m not a native English speaker ahaha

Oh thanks!

You should do Dara Amarie’s templates, they’re better and I like the CC wayyy better. These templates will not have the new features. If you’re interested:

If you don’t know how to do it:
copy paste the coding in your script,
follow the rules on the left, if you don’t understand how watch the tutorial video!

Hope I helped! :blob_hearts:

Thanks a lot for your kind help.

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Because otherwise you will get the duplicate label error. Oh and those are soooo old, don’t use them

So from where I’ll get the new ones? Any idea??

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But I suggest you wait a few days, because she still has to update them with the hairstyles released yesterday :blush:

Oh sure, I will. Thanks for the help.

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