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Hi there!! So I read “The Prince’s Bride” expecting to get an outfit added to my avatar closet when I finished because that’s what I heard would happen, but not only did I finish the story, I also spent 39 gems to buy outfits which I thought would be added to my closet but I have checked multiple times and nothing new is there. Has this happened to anyone?? I heard everyone saying they got outfits from that story and now I am very upset because I just wasted gems and passes. If anyone knows anything that can help please let me know!!!

I’m not sure if that’s even still available, did it say it would be added to your closet because if it didn’t then that means the offer isn’t available anymore, also it should’ve told you that around episode 5 not at the end of the story, but if you want new outfits for your avatar there’s a profile outfits shop

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The prince’s bride had a special gift that had a time limit to get I believe which was this outfit or the other one that they offered in episode 6

I believe that outfit was from “between two billionaires :smiling_face:

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Oh shot it was :sob::skull:. I had my stories mixed up

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Lol I don’t blame you there’s quite a few of them with outfits :sob:

Can you please tell which stories are those ?

All the details are in the link I sent, it’s the “profile outfit pop up shop” there’s a link to it on this thread


Thanks :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::heart:

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No problem! :smiling_face:

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Ohhh thank you, I am going to try those right now!!

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