Average Lines You Write In A Story

Hey! So as I’m writing my story, I got to thinking, how many lines do people write on average? I do around about 1500 for the first chapter of a story, and maybe 3000 for a chapter. What about you all? What is your ideal line goal? :two_hearts:

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Always best to go big on the first chapter so people know it will be long

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I try to get over 1000 lines, which is really good length for my writing. I try to write it between 10-15 minutes, which tends to be over 1000 lines but it depends on what I’m writing (choices, a lot of dialogue, overlay directing, etc). :two_hearts:

Well, my first episode i’m still working on is about… 5000 for the first episode
I had character customization, tons of writing, tons of cuts / zooms… May explain it. It takes about a few minutes to get through it i believe.

The minimum amount I try to go for is 1500, but I always aim for 2000! It’s long, yes, but I feel like that amount gives me enough room for interesting dialogue and directing. :grin:

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I go for around 1000 lines, not including branching, spaces, or customization. Including directing, it places the story at around 10 minutes or so, which is what I personally consider a good length as a reader.