✰Avery's cover request thread✰

✩Welcome to Avery’s cover request thread! This is a new experience for me so I might not be the best but I put a little effort into it and hope you love it;)✩

✩ Keep in mind I don’t draw covers I edit:)

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✩Decline: I can decline your request if I want. The reason could be because… I’m not able to do what you requested.

✩Be patient: Please respect that I could be busy so it may take longer than expected, although I promise it won’t be that long.

✩Do not request on other request threads: If you request on other threads that is just wasting my time, I’m not gonna make a cover if you’re not gonna use it.

✩Be specific: The more information the better, please be specific on what you want.

✩Give credit: Please credit me if you’re using my work, it’s rude if you claim it’s yours. My Instagram is @averyyy.episodes.

Use the password: Please use the password in your request or otherwise I will know that you did not read the rules and I will not accept your request. The password is: Ave16


Here are some examples.

✩You MUST give credits if you’re using anything I made.
✩Please credit my work my Instagram is @averyyy.episodes it’s not optional!

Request forum

✩Author name:
✩Story name:
✩Brief story summary:
✩Small cover or large cover?:
✩Cover theme:
✩What do you want to include in your cover?:
✩Specific background (optional):
✩Image of the characters:
✩Reference image
✩ Details?:
✩Password: Ave16 (you Must use the password.)

✩Thats very much it, feel free to request a cover;)✩


I would love a large and small cover for my story.
✩Author name: Faeryfire721
✩Story name: Darkstar Ink: Taylor’s Choice
✩Brief story summary: After a traumatic experience, Taylor fights through her broken self to a healthy and whole self while finding love along the way. (If you would like more info we can discuss on instagram chat)
✩Small cover or large cover?: Both
✩Cover theme: Love Triangle
✩What do you want to include in your cover?: Story title and 3 main characters
✩Specific background (optional): For large cover I have a background I would like used but the layout is open for creativity.
✩Image of the characters:

✩Reference image Not sure if this helps. As to the animations its open but would like the girl in between the two men and them standing a layer behind her
✩ Details?:
Character details:
Body: Gold 03
Brow: Straight Medium in BlackJet
Hair: Tousled Loose Curls Long in BlackJet
Eyes: Sloping Heavy Lid in Green
Face: Chiseled Square Stubble Shaved
Nose: Straight Pointed
Lips: Medium Straight Natural in Beige Gold Matte

Body: Gold 03
Brow: Arched Thin High in Dirty Blonde
Hair: Double Buns in Platinum Blonde
Eyes: Female Generic in Blue Green
Face: Heart Soft
Nose: Defined Natural
Lips: Full Round Pouty in Red Deep Gloss

Body: Neutral 04
Brow: Round Medium
Hair: Medium Side Curls in Dirty Blonde
Eyes: Deepset Downturned in Blue Deep
Face: Square Long Jaw Shadow
Nose: Grecian Narrow
Lips: Medium Heart in Rose Light Nude Matte

✩Password: Ave16

Do you have a background in mind?

Yes sorry…
For large cover I would like to use this background.

You can do it any way you want as long as it shows the three of them.
As for small cover. Any background you choose as long as it have the three of them and story name. I appreciate it.

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Do you want the small cover background plain?

Not plain but nothing that will take away from the characters (if that makes sense)…I can look through my stash see what I got.

Here is some possibilities…Honestly anything related to a suspense/love triangle story about a bunch of tattoo artists and enthusiasts.

unnamed (1) unnamed

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Here are your covers! Hope you like them… If you need any change feel free to tell me.

Only one thing needs to be changed. The title of story is actually
Darkstar Ink: Taylor’s Choice

The Taylor’s choice can be in a smaller font But definitely need it to be Darkstar Ink.


where do I put the title “taylor choice” ?

right underneath the Darkstar Ink please

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There will eventually be a story for each character…

Sorry don’t want to be problematic, Darkstar is one work so first line should be It needs have the Ink added since its the name of the tattoo shop
Darkstar Ink
second line just needs an 's added to the end of Taylor.

Thank you soo much

I don’t get it

Ok here is the old cover for the ink version.

Since I will be making multiple stories with Darkstar Ink: then the main character, I need the title to look like
Darkstar Ink:
Taylor’s Choice

So you don’t want it to be
Do you want it one line?

Yes. Darkstar (one word) Ink (second word) (first line)
Taylor’s Choice (second line)

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Awesome, thank you!
Which name would you like me to use for giving credit?